Buffalo County Sheriff Michael Schmidtknecht says long-term goals over the next 5 years would include adding two full-time patrol supervisors and one full-time investigator. 
Schmidtknecht outlined ideas for short-and-long-term goals at a county law enforcement committee meeting where county supervisors advised him to plan for "actual needs" rather than just getting by. 
As a minimum, Schmidtknecht said sheriff's department staffing needed an additional half-time night patrol officer and half-time investigator. 
In the long run, Schmidtknecht said the department needs to replace 10 laptop computers, 7 squad car cameras and 8 portable radio communication units. 
Estimated price tag for buying those equipment items was $66,000 as well as cost of repairing two of the department's communication tower buildings. 
In the short run, Schmidtknecht said a "fire suppression" upgrade costing $10,000 to $20,000 was needed to protect records in an information technology room. 

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