Milk Prices

The average price for all classes of milk produced by dairy farmers in Wisconsin was $19.70 per hundred pounds in December. 
The U.S. Department of Agriculture said the all-class milk price in Wisconsin was up a dollar from November and $2.40 higher than a year ago. 
Wisconsin's dairy industry price was 90 cents higher than the $18.80 average all-class price seen nationally in December. 
Among the top 23 dairy states in the country, New Mexico had the lowest price at $16.10 per hundredweight, and Florida was the highest at $22.10, USDA said.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) closed Jan. 31st with 40-pound block cheese going for $1.71 per pound and barrels at just under $1.52 per pound. The CME butter price was $2.24 per pound. 
Average all-class milk price in some other states included Minnesota, $19.70, California, $17.54, New York, $19.30, Pennsylvania, $19.40, and Michigan, $17.80. 

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