Special Education Bill

Democratic Rep. Paul Thissen presented a bill before the Minnesota House Education Innovation Policy Committee that would require school districts to adopt culturally competent policies and provide cultural competency training for dismissal, special education referrals, reading intervention and other intervention services. 
Thissen said the numbers don't lie: far more African American and Native students are being placed in special education and labeled with emotional and behavioral disorders than other students..and in too many cases that label condemns those students to academic failure.

Thissen says in Minneapolis, 21% of African American students were in special education programs last year and one in every four Native students was in a special education program. Only 13% of white students were similarly placed. Further, over the last few years, around 4% of African American students were labeled as having emotional and behavioral disorders. That compares to less than 1% of white students. 
The bill was laid over for possible inclusion in the education policy bill.....

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