WSU-Oath of Honor

Winona State University hosted the inaugural Professional Oath of Honor Ceremony for Winona and Rochester nursing students Jan. 27th on the WSU main campus.
According to Martha Scheckel, chairperson and nursing professor at WSU, the ceremony is a rite of passage into the students' healthcare practice. During the ceremony, students recited the WSU Nursing Department's new professional oath of honor to emphasize that nursing is a profession, a calling, and not just a job.
Currently, about 150 students graduate from WSU each year with a bachelor of science in nursing, and their job placement rates are approximately 96 percent.. The white coat ceremony serves to reinforce the tradition of excellence established in the WSU nursing program.
WSU is one of 50 nursing schools nationwide awarded a grant to host a white coat ceremony. Funding for the ceremonies was provided by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation in collaboration with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.

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