Spring Flood Outlook

Overall, the flood potential for this springs looks to be near to slightly above normal along the Mississippi River and some Wisconsin Tributaries that have above normal flood potential.

The National Weather Service in La Crosse says soil moisture across the region is high due to heavy rains last summer and early fall. Many rivers are experiencing above normal levels for this time of year. Snowpack across the area is below normal. 

Additional rainfall or any heavy snows would be the main driver of flooding concerns going into this spring.  Above normal temperatures over the weekend will likely melt much of the remaining snowpack 
across the local area. This will result in river rises and breakup of river ice in many locations. This may result in a few ice jams especially in typical areas such as near bridges and other other constrictions in the rivers, or where the river makes sharp turns or meanders, leading to jams and potential flooding. Since we haven't 
had extended cold this winter, resulting in less ice thickness, the overall threat for ice jams may be less than normal..... 

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