Smart Steps to Savings

The Sustain Winona Partnership is inviting Winona County residents to join with their neighbors and friends in a fun new energy contest, called "Smart Steps to Savings". 

The contest begins on May 1st, and there are prizes to be won, and money to be saved on utility bills, for everyone who participates. To win, residents accumulate points by choosing from a list of 33 Smart Steps to save energy and water at their home. Each Smart Step taken earns points, and anyone who accumulates more than 200 points by the end of the year is eligible to win a $250 drawing and other prizes. Those accumulating the most points are eligible for a top prize of $1,000, and a $500 second prize.

Participation in the Smart Steps to Savings Contest is open all year long, but those who join by May 31 are entered into a drawing to get one of forty $85 rain barrels for just $15. Join the Smart Steps to Savings Contest by visiting

The Sustain Winona Partnership is a collaboration of the County, City and all local educational institutions..... 

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