Flooding-Buffalo County

Heavy rains across Buffalo County in July caused more than $1 million in damages and cleanup of public roads, bridges and drainage ditches.

A preliminary account of disaster assistance claims recorded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency  listed damage claims filed by eight towns, two cities and the highway department of Buffalo County.

Claims tallying $1.07 million were likely to be adjusted upwards before a final claim report is signed off by FEMA and money distributed.

Road and bridge related storm damages caused by flash-flooding were listed at $866,000, according to preliminary FEMA findings.

The county highway department had at least $196,000 in damages to county roads and bridges and 188-thousand in emergency response service costs for clearing and removing debris from roads, bridges, culverts and ditches.

The July storm was severe enough to qualify Buffalo County for federal disaster assistance to pay for damages to public property, roads and bridges, but not private real estate, land or personal property.


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