Compliance Checks

Employees at three liquor establishments in Winona County were cited with violations after the sheriff's department and Winona police conducted compliance checks last month in a joint operation.

According to a report issued Tuesday, the checks were conducted on August 4th, at 12 bars and restaurants including establishments in both the city and county.

Chief Deputy Jeff Mueller said nine of the 12 establishments were in compliance when underage drinkers tried to purchase alcohol and were refused.

Employees at three establishments were issued citations for serving the undercover underage drinkers.

Charged were: 21-year-old Molly Katheryn Martin at Whalen's Cove in Minnesota City...65-year-old James Gerard Glover at Jimmy D's bar in Utica...and 21-year-old Juana Yarely Porras at Mango's restaurant in Winona.


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