Wisconsin Cropland

Non-irrigated cropland rented for an average $133 per acre in Wisconsin this year, up $2 from 2016. Pasture land averaged $40, up $5.
In Trempealeau County, non-irrigated cropland averaged $124 per acre, down $6; Buffalo County, $131, up $10 per acre, and Pepin County, $144, up $14 per acre.
Cropland rent prices ranged from highs of $230 per acre in Lafayette County, $199 in Dodge County and $180 in Dane County.
Pasture land in Trempealeau County rented for an average $33 per acre, up $3, and Buffalo County, $37.50, up $6 per acre. Pepin County figures for pasture land were unpublished, according to USDA.
The dairy industry in Wisconsin saw an average 80-cent drop in producer all-class milk price in July, a fall to $17.10 per 100 pounds.
The U.S. average dairy price sat at $17.30 per hundredweight of milk, 20 cents higher than Wisconsin. Eight dairy states saw price declines, and milk rates went up in 14 states.


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