HNC Playground

 Houston Nature Center's (HNC) natural playground is not your typical playground.  

The natural playground features buried fossils, stone caves, and a hand water pump. Now -there's a new addition to add excitement - a 100-foot zipline and a playhouse built on stilts in the canopy of trees.

The zipline is available for kids who weigh 80 to 200 pounds. It will only be available when there are attendants present. The new portion of the playground was designed and constructed by volunteers who donated hundreds of hours to the project.

The playground itself was built in 2013 in honor of Teresa and Dale "Banjo" Erickson, who were high school sweethearts that had lived in Houston, Minn, since they were kids and had been married for many years when they were tragically killed in an auto accident.

The new portions of the playground are now open. Houston Nature Center is located at 215 West Plum Street.

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