Car Seat Safety

This week is Child Passenger Seat Week.

The Winona Police Department is reminding anyone who transports children to make sure the seat the child is in is the right one for their age and properly installed. 90% of all car seats are improperly installed.

Some quick tips on making sure your seat is installed properly:

1. When you check the seat for tightness, check at the belt path. That means where the seat belt or lower anchor strap runs through the seat. The seat should not move more than an inch side to side and front to back.
2. If using a forward facing seat, make sure you use the tether to secure the top of the seat.
3. Consult BOTH the vehicle manual and the car seat manual to ensure you are installing the seat properly.

If you are unsure you have done it correctly, contact the Winona Police Department, 507-457-6302, to make an appointment for a car seat check. All car seat checks are FREE!


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