On Street Parking-Winona

Mayor Mark Peterson said last week that several of Winona's City Council members want to consider changes to the city-wide 20-hour limit set for on-street parking.

At the council's September 5 meeting, Peterson and council members George Borzyskowski and Paul Schollmeier raised the issue and called on the city to review the rule. Schollmeier said he had heard from a couple who had both of their cars impounded while they were on vacation, costing them thousands of dollars, while Peterson had spoken with a family whose motorhome was towed while they were packing it for a big trip.

Winona City Manager Steve Sarvi says he will ask the council for more direction at its next meeting on October 2. Sarvi says the police are saying there is not a big amount of concern. However, Sarvi stated that extending the limit to 72 hours might be workable so that a person could parks in front of their house and leave for the weekend.

Like many city ordinances, including mowing and snow-removal requirements, enforcement of the 20-hour parking rule is complaint-driven. The rule is commonly violated, but police do not spend their time looking for cars that have been parked on the street too long. Council member Gerry Krage encourages concerned citizens to inform the property owner of the problem, neighbor-to-neighbor, before calling city hall.


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