Tourist Homes-City of Winona

The city of Winona planning commission has received updated versions of proposed changes to regulations for rentals through vacation rental companies like Airbnb.

At its Sept. 11 meeting, the commission approved incorporating "tourist homes" and other short-term rentals more explicitly into the city's unified development code.

In the initial proposal, tourist homes and Airbnb-type rentals would be regulated in two different categories, with owner-occupied homes being treated like bed and breakfasts, and non-owner-occupied properties like retreat centers.

Monday, the clarifications were seen in the draft of the zoning ordinance, and included new rules, such as the owners living within 30 miles of their property.

It also clarified that rental owners can convert one unit to a short-term rental without requiring more parking.

The changes will come back for a public hearing before the commission as well as final approval at the City Council.


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