Helping With Hunger

The Trempealeau County Sheriff's Department has started a new program for volunteers to collect deer struck by cars so venison isn't wasted.

The program, "Helping with Hunger," will notify volunteers when a driver does not want the animal. Motorists hit more than 3,000 deer annually in Wisconsin.

"Sheriff (Richard) Anderson believes that this meat should be on the tables of those families that are in need," according to the department.

Volunteers need to pick up the deer in about one hour in normal temperatures and a couple of hours in subzero temperatures.

Anyone interested can call the sheriff's department. Authorities will call when a deer becomes available and will provide the phone number to report it to the state Department of Natural Resources.

Deer are hit all year, but fall can be an especially hazardous time, since young bucks are in search of young does.

The sheriff's office says, "If you can't avoid a deer in your path, the safest option is to hit the brakes and the deer," Pabst said. "If you swerve, you can lose control and risk a more serious collision with another vehicle or a tree or pole."

Motorcyclists should be especially careful when encountering deer on the road. While car/truck drivers are encouraged not to swerve, motorcycle riders should swerve, since there is more room to maneuver in a lane than in a car or truck.

Of the 11 deer crash deaths on Wisconsin highways in 2016, all were motorcycle riders.

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