Wisconsin Milk Production

Wisconsin milk production totaled 2.59 billion pounds in August, 2nd place to California's production of 3.26 billion pounds.

Dairy farmers in Wisconsin milked an average 1.28 million cows in August, consistent with figures throughout 2017.

Average cow production for the month of August was up 35 pounds to 2,025 pounds in Wisconsin, USDA said. The national average was 1,919 pounds.

U.S. milk production topped 18 billion pounds in August, up 2 percent from a year ago. The number of milk cows on farms in the U.S. averaged 9.41 million head, up 71,000 from a year ago.

USDA released 2016 potato statistics in September that showed 65,000 acres planted in potatoes in Wisconsin.

Potato farmers in the state produced 278 million pounds in 2016, about the same as in 2015. Yield per acre averaged 435,000 pounds.

Farm prices in Wisconsin averaged $11.60 per 100 pounds of potatoes, up from $9.70 in 2015. Total statewide potato crop value rose from $270 million in 2015 to $322 million in 2016.

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