Alma-Chickens and Drones

The Alma City Council says it has received complaints from people about drones and chickens
Complaints about drones involved people flying them on to neighboring properties, generating noise and concerns about privacy.
City officials were furnished FAA regulations on use of drones, and a city committee said if problems continued, it could become an issue of trespassing.
Keeping of poultry also drew concerns among some residents. A city zoning ordinance does not allow raising of chickens on residential zoned property, the council was told.
The city’s finance committee recommended that the Alma Planning Commission look at sample ordinances from elsewhere where poultry was permitted.
As it stood for now, Alma Mayor Jim Wilkie said chickens in residential zones were not allowed.
The city planned to send letters to people in violation of the existing ordinance. “We’ll see if there is (voluntary) compliance,” Wilkie said.

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