Tainted Gas Delivered

The Minnesota Department of Commerce says gasoline potentially tainted with diesel fuel was delivered to dozens of stations in Southeast Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin between Friday and Saturday afternoons.

According to Magellan Midstream Partners, there was an operations malfunction at its fuel distribution terminal near Eyota on Friday, causing a "small percentage of diesel fuel" to be inadvertently added into gasoline.

As a result, 44 gas stations in Southeast Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin may have received 87-octane gasoline that is contaminated. Eight of the potentially-affected stations are in Rochester. Other gas stations that could be affected are in Austin, Plainview, Winona and numerous other nearby cities.

In a news release sent Sunday afternoon, Magellan says it is continuing to work with affected gas stations and co-ops to remove the contaminated gasoline. 

Inspectors with the Weights & Measures Division will be testing samples at the stations to ensure that the issue is resolved. The Commerce Department says it will also investigate the cause of the contamination, as well as what Magellan is doing to fix the problem.

The Commerce Department says it's unlikely the small amount of contamination will cause severe or long-term vehicle damage. But drivers who bought gas at the potentially-affected stations since Friday afternoon should be on the lookout for poor performance like knocking or pinging. If they experience those issues, they should keep their receipts and contact the Commerce Department's Weights & Measures Division at 651-539-1555.

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