Tainted Gas Recalled

Consumer protection agencies are fielding complaints after a Minnesota fuel distributor provided diesel-tainted gasoline to outlets in southeast Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa.

Magellan Midstream Partners alerted the Minnesota Department of Commerce Saturday that small amounts of diesel had been added to gas distributed from its Rochester terminal that was delivered to 44 stations mostly between Rochester, Sparta, Wis., and Decorah, Iowa.

The contamination is not expected to cause long-term damage, according to the DOC, but could lead to poor vehicle performance. Customers affected can contact consumer protection agencies in the states where the gasoline was purchased.
Anyone who notices engine knock should have the problem checked out by a mechanic and file a claim.

Three gas stations in Winona were affected. Kwik Trip on Homer Road, and 2 Severson Oil stations, at 508 Louisa St and 1560 W Service Drive.

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