WSU Tunnels Open

The Winona State University pedestrian tunnels are open for students and community members crossing the railroad tracks between Sarnia and Mark Streets near the university.

The opening of the tunnels was delayed past its mid-summer completion date due to pooling water and completion of the tunnels’ security and lighting systems.

The cause of the pooling water in the tunnels was found to be a drain sealing issue, which the construction company paid to replace.

The project was a collaboration between WSU, Canadian Pacific and the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Collaboration and planning for the project have been ongoing for the past 20 years, with federal financing for the projecting acquired 12 years ago.

The two tunnels cost just over $8 million dollars. One is located behind WSU’s Haake and Kirkland Halls and one is near Maxwell Field.

Landscaping and signage are still being worked on and produced, but the overall structure, lighting, security and usage of the tunnels are ready and open.

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