Phone Scam

Another alert about a phone scam happening in our area. The Winona County Sheriff’s office has received a few complaints about calls from the Sheriff’s Office Civil Process Division. The caller leaves the number 494-8698 to call the Sheriff’s Office back.

When the number is called an automated menu gives several options “press one for Deputy Smith” to leave a message for them. When you have contact with one of the “deputies” they inform you that you missed court pursuant to a Grand Jury Subpoena. This is not the Winona County Sheriff’s Office.
This is a reminder that you should not give out your credit card numbers or personal information over the phone to callers claiming to be from your credit card company, bank, or law enforcement.

If you are a victim of this scam and have provided any financial information make sure to notify your bank or credit card company right away to have a hold placed on your accounts, and contact the Winona County Sheriff’s Office at 507-457-6368 to report the crime.

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