Benefit Concert

Dr. Christopher Mechell, a Winona native who now lives in Washington, will present a benefit piano concert at Old Main in Galesville at 3 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 19. Mechell completed his Doctorate in Piano Performance in 2016 at the University of Washington while studying under Craig Sheppard. He now holds a multi-year appointment to the Lead Teaching Assistanceship position for the UW Secondary Piano Department.

Mechell has received numerous scholarships and awards for piano performance.

He has presented a number of benefit concerts in his hometown, and has made it his credo to give back to the community whenever possible. He now maintains a studio of almost 50 students at Puget Sound Studios.

Proceeds from freewill donations will be used to support the “Gale Star” program at the Old Main Historical and Community Arts Center and to address building issues. Old Main provides an off-campus venue for music to be heard from the faculty and students of regional universities and to encourage many who enjoy performing.

Refreshments will be served at intermission, when there will be an opportunity to view a photographic tour of Europe by Jim and Martha Riley of Galesville.

Old Main is located at 20869 College Ave. in Galesville. 

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