Children's Jewelry Recall

Three children's jewelry products containing toxic levels of cadmium have been removed from Amazon's listings and on-line retailers have issued recalls, following an investigation by three state agencies. 

The Minnesota Commerce Department's Ross Corson says people who purchased the products from independent retailers on Amazon should have received letters within the last few weeks indicating that the products are recalled and receiving refunds and being told either to return them or to dispose of them.

Corson says state investigators are trying to identify the manufacturers and determine if other retailers might be selling the products.

Some companies use cadmium as a low-cost substitute for lead, which is highly restricted in children’s products. But cadmium exposure is associated with delayed brain development, kidney and bone damage, and cancer. Babies and young children are at particular risk because they often bite, chew or suck on toys and other objects.

The children's jewelry products being recalled are: a ladybug charm necklace sold by LBS International or First Shop, and a penguin charm necklace and a butterfly necklace sold by NYBK Group.

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