Candidate Forum

09/22/16 11:31 AM
The two candidates running for the First District seat in the U-S Congress from Minnesota will attend a candidate's forum in Winona on Tuesday, October 4th. 

YMCA For Sale

09/22/16 11:30 AM
The Winona Family YMCA is now officially up for sale as the Y continues to prepare for a hoped for move to a new location in conjunction with Winona Health along Mankato Avenue.

Storm Damage

09/22/16 11:28 AM
No major flooding was reported in Winona County today as of mid-morning. 

Rain-Roads Closed

09/22/16 11:17 AM
Some southeastern Minnesota roads were closed today because of heavy rains. 

River Report

09/22/16 11:17 AM
A new report card on the Mississippi River finds signs that the river's health is improving.


09/22/16 11:15 AM
A Buffalo County jury has convicted an 18-year-old Fountain City man of three felony charges involving the sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl. 

WSU-Health Hustle

09/22/16 11:13 AM
Winona state University will host Family Weekend Health Hustle 5k from 2-4:30 p.m. Sept. 24, beginning at the WSU Gazebo.   

River Traffic-Rains

09/22/16 11:12 AM
With the heavy rains the Mississippi River is on the rise in the Winona area. The U-S Fish and Wildlife Service is recommending no travel on the river at this time. 

Gun Burglary

09/21/16 12:52 PM
A 19-year-old Winona man and a juvenile male are in custody in connection with a burglary at a Millville gun shop that netted thieves an estimated 80 guns worth about $40,000 according to authorities.

Lewiston Housing

09/21/16 12:49 PM
The Winona County Board has scheduled a public hearing next month to take input on a proposed agreement involving two housing developments in Lewiston. 

County Board-Frack Sand

09/21/16 12:48 PM
The public will get a chance to speak out on a proposed compromise on frack sand mining in Winona County.

Storm Damage

09/21/16 12:46 PM
The Winona County Sheriff's Department reported some storm damage during the early morning rain storm today.

Twins Charged

09/21/16 12:44 PM
Winona Police said two twin sisters were arrested Tuesday afternoon following an incident on a downtown street where authorities were called.

Allers Indicted

09/21/16 12:41 PM
A Winona County grand jury has indicted a 24-year-old Lewiston man on first degree murder charges in the death of a 24-year-old Lewiston woman last May. 

Green Wing Field Day

09/20/16 12:58 PM
The Winona County Ducks Unlimited Green Wing Field Day will be held this Saturday, September 24th at Michael La Canne Memorial Park in Goodview.

Historical Society Grant

09/20/16 12:57 PM
The Winona County Historical Society has received a Minnesota Historical and Cultural Heritage grant. 

Menard's Lawsuit

09/20/16 12:54 PM
A state appeals court says a judge properly dismissed claims that the founder of the Menard's building supply chain owes a woman he once lived with ownership interest in the company. 

Go-Cart Fatality

09/20/16 12:53 PM
The Buffalo County Sheriff's Department is continuing to investigate a crash that resulted in the death of go-cart driver. 

Winona Health Staff

09/20/16 12:52 PM
Bobbi Jo Jensen, a certified physician assistant, has joined the Winona Health staff and cares for patients as a physician assistant hospitalist. 


09/20/16 12:49 PM
A 1983 graduate of Winona State University has been inducted into the National Army ROTC Hall of Fame.                      

Economic Summit

09/19/16 12:04 PM
Winona State University and Winona Area Chamber of Commerce will host the 2016 Economic Summit, "Future Growth Demands Response to Workforce Challenge", from 7:30 a.m. to noon Wednesday, Sept. 21, at the Tau Center on WSU's West Campus.


09/19/16 12:02 PM
With the closing of several national and regional for-profit colleges, thousands of students have been left wondering how they can complete their educational programs and take care of past student loans. 

West Statement-Plagerism

09/19/16 12:01 PM
Winona Superintendent of Schools Dr. Stephen West has issued a statement regarding accusations of plagerism in a district Technology Plan, WAPS TL21.

Property Sales

09/19/16 12:00 PM
Two property sales in Winona have been registered with the Winona County Recorder's Office. 

WAPS Property Tax Levy

09/19/16 11:58 AM
Winona area school district residents could see their district property taxes go down in 2017. 

WSU Rehab Center

09/19/16 11:57 AM
The Winona State University Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention Program is a yearlong program that meets Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays in the Integrated Wellness Center, from 6:45 to 8:00 a.m.  

Dairy Council

09/19/16 11:56 AM
The Minnesota Dairy Research and Promotion Council is seeking candidates to run for board positions in 11 districts. 

Elba Creamery

09/19/16 11:54 AM
The Elba Cooperative Creamery Association has purchased some property in the City of St. Charles. 

WAPS Referendum

09/16/16 11:02 AM
The public will get a chance to learn more about the two referendums the Winona Area Public Schools will place on the November ballot during four public meetings. 


09/16/16 11:01 AM
 A criminal complaint has been filed in Winona District Court charging a Winona County woman with sexually assaulting a minor. 

Fall Flood Run

09/16/16 10:57 AM
Motorists are being reminded that tomorrow (Saturday) brings the annual Fall Flood Run to the Winona area.                   

SMU Ranking

09/16/16 10:56 AM
Saint Mary's University is once again ranked as a top tier institution in the annual U.S. News & World Report ratings of best colleges and universities in the nation.

Body Cameras

09/16/16 10:55 AM
Two small town police departments in the Winona area are experimenting with body cameras.

Birthday Ball

09/16/16 10:54 AM
A reminder the 54th Annual Winona Health Birthday Ball is coming up on Saturday, September 24th.  

WSU Observatory

09/16/16 10:53 AM
Winona State University's observatory will be open on clear nights now through November 17th.

Miller-Elected Chair

09/16/16 10:52 AM
Jeremy Miller of Winona has been elected to chair a international recycling group.


09/16/16 10:51 AM
Former Duluth Mayor Don Ness will be the special guest at a presentation and workshop conducted by Opportunity Winona at the Winona State University's Tau Center, next Wednesday, September 21st. 

YMCA Power Outage

09/16/16 08:13 AM
The YMCA is experiencing a power outage this morning. While service is available in part of the facility, power to important systems such as hot water and pool filtration must be restored before we can safely operate. 

Trempealeau Administrator

09/15/16 11:39 AM
The Trempealeau Village Board has offered its vacant village administrator position to one of three candidates. 

Mayo-IBM Buildings

09/15/16 11:39 AM
The Mayo Clinic has purchased three of IBM's large office buildings in Northwest Rochester and intends to fill them with people and programs now based in downtown Rochester.

KTTC TV reports the Clinic was able to buy the buildings outright.  IBM had put the office buildings on the market a few months ago as it

Engage Winona

09/15/16 11:37 AM
Engage Winona will present the results of its survey on the future of Winona on Monday, September 26th, at the Winona History Center beginning at 4:00 p.m. 

Safest College Towns

09/15/16 11:36 AM
The City of Winona has received a national honor. Security company Safewise says Winona is America's safest college town. 

Football Polls

09/15/16 11:34 AM
The Winona High School football team received an honorable mention in this week's Class 4-A high school football poll. 

Zombie Crawl

09/15/16 11:32 AM
Winona Health and Live Well Winona are inviting all kids ages 5 to 12 and their families to take part in the Healthy Kids Zombie Crawl. 

Council Meeting

09/15/16 11:31 AM
There will be an informational session for the Winona City Council on Monday, September 19, at 5:15 p.m. in the Council Chambers on the third floor of City Hall. 

Senior Resource Center

09/15/16 11:30 AM
Pepin and Buffalo counties have applied for state approval to operate a multi-county resource center for elderly people and those with disabilities.

Witness Tampering

09/15/16 11:15 AM
A 36-year-old woman accused of conspiring to intimidate a trial witness has a preliminary hearing scheduled for Sept. 28th in Buffalo County.

County Tax Levy

09/15/16 11:14 AM
Winona County taxpayers may see as much as a 6-percent increase in their county property taxes in 2017. 

Pace Program

09/15/16 11:13 AM
Over the last 18 months Winona, Houston, Fillmore and Olmsted County Boards have all approved agreements making a new Minnesota financing tool available throughout the region. 

Cemetary Walk

09/14/16 11:25 AM
Those attending this year's annual Cemetary Walk at Woodlawn Cemetary will have a chance to learn all about the history of Winona's downtown. 

Candidate Forum Tonight

09/14/16 11:23 AM
Candidates for the Winona County Board of Commissioners will be taking part in a special forum tonight at the Winona City Hall. 

Wabasha Property Tax Levy

09/14/16 11:22 AM
The City of Wabasha has set its 2017 preliminary property tax levy at 4-percent higher than the 2016 levy. 

Winona County Tax Levy

09/14/16 11:21 AM
Winona County taxpayers may see as much as a 6-percent increase in the property taxes in 2017. 

Beach Renamed

09/14/16 11:20 AM
The Alma City Council tabled a resolution to name a swimming beach at Alma Beach Park longtime resident. 

Rothering Charged

09/14/16 11:20 AM
A 47-year-old Winona man has been named in a criminal complaint charging him with felony assault by strangulation. 

Highway 61-Gilmore Open

09/14/16 11:18 AM
The Highway 61-Gilmore Avenue new intersection was opened for traffic Tuesday.

Frack Sand Ban

09/14/16 11:17 AM
A local physician is calling on the Winona County Board to ban frack sand mining and processing in the county. 

Way to Wellness

09/14/16 11:16 AM
The Winona Wellness organization will be co-sponsoring a special event in February and the group is looking for volunteers to help out.

FFA Fish Fry

09/14/16 11:15 AM
The Winona FFA is hosting a fish fry fundraiser at the Winona Eagles Club, from 4:30-7:30 pm. before the Winhawk football game.

Sustain Winona Workshop

09/14/16 11:14 AM
With the popularity of electric vehicles growing Winona's Sustain Winona Partnership will host a workshop on Thursday, September 22nd, on electric vehicles and the charging infrastructure needed to facilitate their use in Winona. 

Rented Cropland

09/14/16 11:13 AM
Rented cropland was going for an average $131 per acre in Wisconsin, up only a dollar from last year, according to the Department of Agriculture. 

Mondovi-City Administrator

09/14/16 11:12 AM
The city of Mondovi in Buffalo County has fired its city administrator. 

New County Tax

09/14/16 11:09 AM
On a 3-to-2 vote the Winona County Board of Commissioners established a new county one-half cent sales tax in the form of a transportation tax. 

Highway 43 Bridge Traffic

09/13/16 10:54 AM
Starting next Monday, September 19th, the old Highway 43 bridge in Winona will be closed to traffic.

Gun Buglary

09/13/16 10:51 AM
Authorities are seeking the help of the public in finding guns stolen from a Millville gun shop on September 3rd. 

Big Muddy Event

09/13/16 10:50 AM
An unexpected large turnout at the Big Muddy Brew 'N Cue in Levee Park on Labor Day weekend has prompted the Winona area Chamber of Commerce to schedule a second one a year from now. 

E-Recycling Event

09/13/16 10:50 AM
Here's a chance for you to get rid of some personal electronics that have been hanging around the house.

Eggs and Issues

09/13/16 10:47 AM
Candidates for the Winona City Council, Winona Mayor, and the Winona County Board of Commissioners will be featured at the next Eggs and Issues breakfast sponsored by the Winona Area Chamber of Commerce. 

Toddler Tuesday

09/13/16 10:46 AM
The Minnesota Marine Art Museum is offering a monthly early childhood education program called "Toddler Tuesday." 

Wine & Gyn

09/13/16 10:45 AM
Winona Health Women's Health team is hosting a Wine & Gyn, special event for women approaching their 50s, 60s and beyond.

Digital Interaction Fair Today-WSU

09/12/16 12:30 PM
Winona state University will host a Digital Interaction Fair from 4 to 6 p.m today in the Science Lab Center Atrium and is open to the public.   

Ready Set School

09/12/16 12:28 PM
With the start of classes in the Winona Schools, Ready Set School is offering a thank you to some local organizations for their donations.

Merit Badge Fair

09/12/16 12:27 PM
Minnesota State College--Southeast will host the 2nd annual Boy Scouts of America Sugar Loaf District Merit Badge Fair in Winona on Saturday, September 24th. 

Referendum Committee

09/12/16 12:25 PM
A special committee has been formed to help support the two referendums that will appear on the November ballot on behalf of the Winona Area Public Schools.   

County Board

09/12/16 12:24 PM
The Winona County Board of Commissioners will be asked Tuesday to vote on a resolution that would establish a new county tax.


09/12/16 12:22 PM
The Otto Bremer Trust has awarded 144 grants worth 9.9 million dollars for program-related investments as part of its most recent grant making cycle. 

Flu Shots

09/12/16 12:21 PM
It's that time of year again and Winona Health is once again offering flu shot walk-in clinics in October. 

Bremer Grants

09/12/16 12:19 PM
Several Winona area organizations have received grants from the Otto Bremer Trust, among the 9.9 million dollars in grants. 

Ashley Plant Closing

09/12/16 12:17 PM
The closing of an Ashley Furniture Industries plant in Colton, California, may mean some of those jobs may be coming to plants in Wisconsin.


09/12/16 12:13 PM
Winona State University was recognized as "Best in the Midwest" for the 13th consecutive year in The Princeton Review's annual "2016 Best Colleges: Region by Region." 

Zoning Permits

09/09/16 10:24 AM
Buffalo County has seen an uptick in zoning permits, the 2nd year in a row that building activity was up in rural towns.

The county zoning department said it issued 19 permits for new housing projects through July and 18 permits for building additions and accessory structures.

Zoning permit activity in 2016 was "well ahead" of 2015, according to Mike Owecke, county zoning administrator.
There were 29 permits through July for new agricultural structures, 10 of them for projects over 2,000 square feet and 10 for over 4,000 square, according to zoning reports.


Zoning Fees

09/09/16 10:23 AM
The Buffalo County Zoning Committee has been advised to raise more revenue from zoning permit fees.     

A goal backed by the county's finance and budget panel is to raise enough money from fees to pay half the cost of operating a county zoning office.

A proposed 2017 zoning budget calls for spending $208,700 and taking in an estimated $75,000 revenue from fees.

County property tax levy would pick up the balance.
The county's zoning administrator, Michael Owecke said he would evaluate the existing fee structure, compare fees with those charged by other counties and report back to the committee in October......

Cost of a zoning permit application for a new house is currently $230, based on a single family or duplex dwelling, and a permit for an addition or accessory structure is $100.

Agricultural or farm structure permits run from $50 to $400, and a commercial or industrial structure carries a $400 application fee.    

Fastenal Sales

09/09/16 10:21 AM
Fastenal reported an increase in net sales for the month of August.

According to a report issued this week, the Winona company had net sales in August of nearly $365,000,000. That was 9.9 percent higher than August of 2015 when net sales totaled $332,000,000.

Fastenal opened five new stores in August bringing its total worldwide to 2,610 stores.

The number of Fastenal employees at the end of August was 19,891, an increase of 281 from the end of August 2015.....


Pickwick Mill Day

09/09/16 10:20 AM
The Annual Pickwick Mill Day will be held Saturday with a full day of events and activities.

The day will start out with a breakfast at 7:00 a.m. and activities will take place all day long including demonstrations, a silent auction, a firefighter's competition, a raffle, and a noon pulled pork dinner.

 You can even have a chance to see the restored historic mill in operation with tours of the mill.

The Mill is on the National List of Historic Places.....


AmericInn Groundbreaking

09/09/16 10:18 AM
Ground was broken Thursday on a new 70-unit AmericInn Hotel and Suites at its new location at West 5th and Pelzer Streets.

Executive Vice President of Franchise Development and Operations, Nasir Raja said the AmericInn is excited to bring a new prototype design to Winona called GEN-4 which will depart from the traditional large style buildings.

The new hotel will feature amenities such as an indoor swimming pool and a hot tub, along with a pub with drinks and light appetizers.

Raja says the hotel will employ 15-to-20 employees, a combination of fulltime and parttime workers. It will also have a state-of-the-art exercise room, guest laundry and hotel-wide internet access.

The hotel is expected to be open  sometime next spring.

It will replace the AmericInn that was lost with the construction of the new interstate bridge downtown. Raja said the hotel never wanted to leave the Winona market.....


WSU Workshop

09/09/16 10:18 AM
Winona State University will host a Two-Spirit Workshop with Lenny Hayes from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. today in the Kryzsko Commons, Oak Rooms.
The workshop will focus on the history of the Two-Spirit Native LGBTQ individuals and community, the issues impacting the community, and information about changing the ideas about the individuals.
Hayes is an enrolled member of the Sisseton Wahpeton-Oyate from South Dakota. He is the owner and operator of Tate Topa Consulting, LLC. His extensive training in Two Spirit people and the LGBTQ community.
This event is sponsored by the WSU Inclusion and Diversity Office and it's open to the public......


Fall Flood Run

09/09/16 10:16 AM
 Motorists are being reminded that September brings the annual Fall Flood Run to the Winona area.
This year's event will take place on Saturday, September 17th, when as many as 30,000 motorcycle riders will be traveling between the Twin Cities and Winona on both sides of the Mississippi River.
So far this season, 39 motorcyclists have died on Minnesota roads, compared to 61 rider deaths in 2015. While fatalities are down at this point, riders and motorists are encouraged to continue sharing the road to prevent any more fatalities this year. Riders need to take safety into their own hands and motorists need to look twice for motorcycles.
To ensure a safe riding environment, law enforcement agencies in Winona County, including the Minnesota State Patrol, local police and county sheriff's offices, will be out patrolling the area on September 17th, watching for speeding and impaired driving......


Alzheimer's Walk

09/09/16 10:15 AM
The Alzheimer's Association is inviting residents of Winona and the surrounding area to start or join a team to take part in the Walk to End Alzheimer's Disease.

The event will be held on Saturday, September 17th at 10:00 p.m. at the Lake Park Bandshell. Registration starts at 9:00 a.m.

Walkers can do a one-mile or a three-mile route besides hundreds of other people whose lives have been affected by Alzheimer's.

The family of Vera Strain has been named 2016 Honorary Family for this year's walk.

It's projected that the number of Minnesotans living with the disease will increase over 36 percent by 2025.


Gun Charges

09/08/16 10:37 AM
A 21-year-old Stockton man was jailed on gun charges after local and federal authorities conducted a search of his residence on Wednesday. 

Storm Damage

09/08/16 10:28 AM
A storm sent boulders tumbling into a newly remodeled house in Brownsville south of La Crescent. 

Safe Driving Lawsuit

09/08/16 10:27 AM
 A U-S Court of Appeals has dismissed a lawsuit against Wabasha County brought by a group of individuals including a state representative and some current and former county board members. 

Corn Prices

09/08/16 10:25 AM
The average July corn price paid to farmers in Wisconsin was $3.52 per bushel, down 23 cents from June and 26 cents lower than a year ago, according to most recent statistics released by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture.    

Winona Health-Winandy

09/08/16 10:24 AM
Winona Health announces that Certified Physician Assistant Gretchen Winandy, has joined its staff and is caring for patients of all ages at Urgent Care in Winona. 

EAB Found

09/08/16 10:22 AM
The Emerald Ash Borer continues to spread in southeastern Minnesota. 

Candidate Forums

09/08/16 10:21 AM
The League of Women Voters-Winona will host a series of candidate forums during the month of September at City Hall that will be open to the public and televised on the local cable access channels. 

Eggs and Issues

09/08/16 10:19 AM
A reminder, the Winona Area Chamber of Commerce will host an Eggs and Issues breakfast Friday for candidates running for the Winona Area Public School Board. 

AmericInn Groundbreaking

09/08/16 10:16 AM
A groundbreaking ceremony for Winona's newest hotel will be held today.

Dakota Gathering

09/07/16 10:58 AM
The annual Winona Dakota Gathering, Homecoming & Powwow will take place this Saturday and Sunday in Winona. 

Dollar General Store

09/07/16 10:57 AM
One month after opening a new store in Lewiston, it appears Dollar General will be building a new store in Wabasha.


09/07/16 10:54 AM
Authiorities are investigating a burglary at a Homer area residence that netted thieves over $7,000 worth of jewelry and cash. 

City Council

09/07/16 10:53 AM
The Winona City Council has scheduled a closed meeting for this coming Monday, September 5th. 


09/07/16 10:52 AM
Hormel Foods chief executive officer will retire at the end of next month.

Education Village

09/07/16 10:48 AM
Lack of action on a bonding bill by Minnesota lawmakers last spring and again this summer has thrown Winona State University into a quandary. 


09/07/16 10:47 AM
Winona State University is experiencing a slight decline in freshmen enrollment as classes got underway for this fall. 

Plane Crash-ID

09/07/16 10:44 AM
The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating a plane crash over the weekend in the Mississippi River near Dakota. 

Flood Watch

09/06/16 12:58 PM

Armed Robbery

09/06/16 12:56 PM
Police said four males...two adults and two juveniles...were jailed late Friday after an armed robbery was reported in downtown Winona and an attempted armed robbery reported less than 20 minutes later.

Campground Incident

09/06/16 11:19 AM
Police are continuing to investigate a suspicious incident at the Prairie Island campground on Saturday night.

Bike Chase

09/06/16 11:17 AM
A 46-year-old Winona man was jailed after he led Winona Police on chase on his bike that ended up with the man being injured. 

Plane Crash

09/06/16 11:15 AM
The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating a plane crash over the weekend in the Mississippi River near Dakota. 

Guns Stolen

09/06/16 11:14 AM
Authorities in Wabasha County are investigating a gun shop burglary in which 60 to 80 firearms were stolen. 

Blue-Book Event

09/06/16 11:13 AM
The CEO of Miller Ingenuity in Winona has written a new book and will unveil it tonight at Winona State University. 

River Foam

09/06/16 11:11 AM
The U-S Army Corps of Engineers says dredging activities in the Mississippi River near, Wabasha are creating foam near the Crats Island unloading site. 

Heritage Dinner-Edstrom

09/06/16 11:10 AM
The Winona County Historical Society is inviting the public to join them to honor Fran Edstrom at their Heritage Dinner coming up on Thursday, September 15th, at the History Center. 

WSU Nursing Award

09/06/16 11:08 AM
The Winona State University Graduate Programs in Nursing have been selected as a recipient of a prestigious award...

United Way to Close

09/02/16 10:51 AM
The United Way of the Greater Winona Area will close down as of the end of this year, December 31st.

Way to Wellness

09/02/16 10:38 AM
The Winona Wellness organization will be co-sponsoring a special event in February and the group is looking for volunteers to help out. 

City Council

09/02/16 10:37 AM
The Winona City Council will hold an informational session at 5:15 p.m. Tuesday, September 6th, at City Hall. 

United Way History

09/02/16 10:34 AM
The United Way of the Greater Winona Area began as a Community Chest in 1943, one of several hundred across the country under the umbrella of the American Association for Community Organizations. 

Jumper-False Alarm

09/01/16 10:28 AM
It turned out to be an apparent false alarm when the Winona County Dive Rescue team was called out Wednesday evening on a report of someone laying on the ground beneath the new Highway 43 bridge in downtown Winona.

Bridge Crash

09/01/16 10:26 AM
Authorities says four people were injured in a crash on I-90 in the Dresbach bridge construction area Wednesday. 

Equalized Property Values

09/01/16 10:24 AM
Buffalo County's equalized property value went up 2.7 percent to 1.1 billion dollars for 2016, a gain of more than 29 million dollars.

Traffic Study

09/01/16 10:19 AM
The Minnesota Department of Transportation says that although most road construction will be shut down around the state over the Labor Day holiday, there are still highway work zones around the state and motorists need to use extra caution when driving...

Gilmore Ave-Highway 61 Project

08/31/16 11:44 AM
The Minnesota Department of Trnasportation says Gilmore Avenue in Winona should be fully open to traffic next week.     

Highway 43 Bridge

08/31/16 11:43 AM
With the completion of the new Highway 43 bridge in Winona work has begun on the intersection and approach leading to the old bridge.

Work Zone-No Phone

08/31/16 11:42 AM
Starting Thursday it will be illegal to use any hand-held communication device, like a cellphone, while driving in a work zone in Wisconsin.

C-FC Classes Start

08/31/16 11:41 AM
Classes in the Cochrane-Fountain City schools get underway Thursday. 

County Board Vacancy

08/31/16 11:39 AM
Buffalo County is still looking for someone to fill a vacancy on the county board of supervisors in the second district.  

Winona Health-Strecker

08/31/16 11:38 AM
Winona Health has announced that TinaMarie Strecker, a certified nurse midwife, has joined its staff and will begin seeing women of all ages in the Women's Health Center in September.

Wabasha County Emergency

08/31/16 11:37 AM
Wabasha County has declared a state of emergency due to the amount of damage the county received in the August 11th rain storm.

Baby Angel

08/31/16 11:36 AM
The coming fifth anniversary of an unsolved case involving an infant whose body was found floating in a bag in the Mississippi River is prompting a reminder that a reward is still being offered for information on the case. 

Gun Charges

08/31/16 10:49 AM
A 30-year-old Winona man was jailed on gun charges after police spotted him in the Maplewood Townhomes and also charged him with tresspassing.

AmericInn Groundbreaking

08/31/16 10:47 AM
A groundbreaking ceremony for Winona's newest hotel will be held on Thursday, September 8th at 4:30 p.m.

Root River Trail

08/31/16 10:46 AM
A four and a-half mile segment of the Root River Trail between Rushford and Peterson is closed for repairs and resurfacing.

Goodview Baseball Award

08/31/16 10:45 AM
The Goodview 12 and under baseball team has receive a special award.

New School Cooperative

08/31/16 10:16 AM
Four school districts in western Wisconsin have reached an agreement to form a cooperative and will start by opening a joint alternative school in September.

Concussions Study

08/30/16 11:03 AM
Quite a bit of media attention has been directed to the serious and sometimes life-altering effects of concussions sustained by pro and college athletes. 

Candidate Forums

08/30/16 10:58 AM
With just over two months to go before the November 8th, general election, local residents will get plenty of chances to hear from candidates for public office. 

Eggs and Issues

08/30/16 10:56 AM
Winona Area Chamber of Commerce members and the general public will get a chance to meet candidates for the Winona Area Public School Board on Friday, September 9th. 

Tomah Death-Lawsuit

08/30/16 10:56 AM
The family of a Marine veteran who died from a toxic mix of more than a dozen drugs at a U.S. Veterans Affairs facility in Tomah has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the U.S. government.

Storm Declaration

08/30/16 10:55 AM
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has issued an emergency declaration to assist Buffalo, Trempealeau, and Eau Claire counties in recovery efforts after heavy rains caused widespread damage earlier this month. 

College Southeast-New Name

08/30/16 10:53 AM
In recognition of the college's new vision, mission and name, Minnesota State College Southeast is celebrating with special events today on both the Winona and Red Wing campuses. 

Card Fraud

08/30/16 10:52 AM
A former Mondovi, Wis., man accused of felony charges for allegedly stealing VISA gift cards from a dental office has an arraignment hearing scheduled in Buffalo County Circuit Court on Oct. 5th.

Referendum Website

08/30/16 10:50 AM
The Winona Area Public Schools has created an informational website with information on the two ballot questions that will be on the November 8th election ballot for district voters. 

Trestor Trolley

08/30/16 10:49 AM
A fire that caused extensive damage to the Trestor Trolley on Saturday is believed to have originated in the engine compartment.

Tennis Courts Upgrades

08/30/16 10:48 AM
Tennis fans have a refurbished place to take part in their sport.

WSU Logo

08/30/16 10:47 AM
Winona State Athletics has introduced a new logo to represent the 15 programs within the department. 

Paulson Arrested

08/29/16 10:24 AM
A 33-year-old Winona man was jailed Friday following an incident that brought out the Winona County Emergency Response Team.

Bridge Dedication

08/29/16 10:20 AM
The Minnesota Department of Transportation celebrated the completion of Winona's new highway 43 interstate bridge on Saturday with an official opening of the bridge to traffic.

Body Recovered

08/29/16 10:16 AM
Authorities have recovered the body of a 20-year-old man after a canoe capsized at Silver Creek Reservoir in Rochester.     

Vehicle Crash

08/29/16 10:13 AM
A 28-year old rural Arcadia man was transported to La Crosse by helicopter with life threatening injuries Thursday following a one-vehicle crash.

Flood Damage

08/29/16 10:10 AM
Flash-flood damages in Buffalo County were in the millions and escalating as local government authorities continued tabulating losses to public and private sectors. 

Milk Production

08/29/16 10:09 AM
July milk production totaled 2.56 billion pounds in Wisconsin where dairy farmers milked 1.28 million head. 

Deputy Resigns

08/25/16 10:06 AM
Buffalo County is looking for someone to fill a vacancy for a full-time sheriff's deputy.

Planning Director

08/25/16 10:05 AM
Winona County Administrator Ken Fritz Tuesday was officially appointed Interim Planning and Environmental Services Director.

Senior University-WSU

08/25/16 10:04 AM
Winona State University's Senior University will host a course called "Discover Your Ancestors" on Tuesdays, Oct. 4-25, in Darrell Krueger Library, room 102.

County Board-Public Hearing

08/25/16 10:02 AM
The public will get a chance to speak out on a proposed compromise on frack sand mining in Winona County. 

City Budget

08/25/16 10:00 AM
Winona City Council members will get their first formal look at the proposed 2017 city budget when they hold two informational meetings next week.

W-K School Project

08/24/16 10:20 AM
Students in the Wabasha-Kellogg School District returned to classes this week greeted with a new indoor air quality project.

Land Donation

08/24/16 10:18 AM
184 acres of farmland located near La Crescent will be conserved in the future thanks to a La Crescent couple.

Pickwick Mill Day

08/24/16 10:16 AM
The annual Pickwick Mill Day is coming up on Saturday, September 10th. 

Fish, Wildlife Commercial Fees

08/24/16 10:14 AM
People whose job is to help fishers and hunters on the Upper Mississippi River are unhappy about new fees the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing for commercial users.

New Bridge Dedication

08/24/16 10:09 AM
The Minnesota Department of Transportation will celebrate the completion of Winona's new Highway 43 interstate bridge on Saturday at 11:00am. 

Refuge Birthday

08/23/16 01:31 PM
The Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge celebrated its 80th birthday this past weekend.

MMAM Exhibit

08/23/16 01:30 PM
Opening Friday, August 26th at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum and running through December 23 is "River Perspective: Paintings by Tom Maakestad and Don Schmidlapp." 

Green Boot Camp

08/23/16 01:30 PM
Winona area Public Schools media specialist, Jill Nysse was selected to attend the 2016 Green Boot Camp in San Diego this past June.

Concert-Solomon's Song

08/23/16 01:28 PM
Singer songwriter John McCutcheon will perform a concert in Winona coming up on Saturday, October 1st. 

WSU Athletes Awards

08/23/16 01:27 PM
The Division 2 Athletics Directors Association  announced the 2015-16 recipients of Academic Achievement Awards. 

Gun Charges

08/23/16 01:26 PM
A 31-year-old Winona man is facing multiple felony charges after police executed a search warrant at his residence Monday and turned up a loaded long gun and marijuana. 

Stolen Bikes

08/23/16 01:25 PM
Once again Winona Police have issued an advisory for owners of bicycles to be sure and lock them up and keep them secure. 

Trooper Injured

08/23/16 01:24 PM
The Trempealeau County Sheriff's Department has released the name of the Wisconsin state trooper who was injured in a two-vehicle crash near Arcadia last Saturday.  

Felony Trial

08/23/16 01:24 PM
A 5-day jury trial has been scheduled in Buffalo County Circuit Court in the case of a Buffalo City man accused of felony 1st degree child sexual assault. 

Pelzer Property Sold

08/23/16 01:22 PM
A six acre site at Pelzer and West Fifth Streets has been sold for $762,500. 

Watershed Plan Draft

08/23/16 01:20 PM
Public hearings on the draft of the proposed Root River One Watershed, One Plan will be held next month. 

Storm Damage

08/23/16 01:18 PM
Buffalo County Emergency Management's preliminary reports from the Towns of Lincoln, Montana, Waumandee, Alma and Gilmanton exceed $1,450,000 in infrastructure damage to roads, bridges, and public buildings from the torrential rains...

Buffalo County Roads

08/23/16 01:15 PM
The Buffalo County Highway Department says  most county and state roads are open to full access following the heavy rains that fell about a week and a-half ago. 

Drug Charges

08/22/16 11:02 AM
A 21-year-old Winona man was jailed on drug charges following a traffic stop early Sunday at Wilson and Broadway. 

Vehicle Chase

08/22/16 11:01 AM
Authorities said a 21-year-old Houston man was apprehended Sunday evening following a vehicle chase that started in Houston County and ended in Winona County.

Injury Crash

08/22/16 10:33 AM
The Trempealeau County Sheriff's Department says a Wisconsin state trooper was injured in a two-vehicle crash Saturday morning. 

Football is Back

08/19/16 12:11 PM
The high school football season kicked off in Wisconsin Thursday night. Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau opened with a 30-to-8 win over Mondovi in Galesville. 

Miss Goodview

08/19/16 12:10 PM
A new Miss Goodview was crowned Wednesday night during the pageant held at the Winona Middle School. Crowned the new Miss Goodview was Makenna Kohner-Thesing. 

Planning Director

08/19/16 12:09 PM
Winona County no longer has a planning and environmental services director. 

Christmas House Tour

08/19/16 11:59 AM
A familiar event will be returning to Winona next December. 

Farm Bill

08/19/16 11:57 AM
 A group of Land Stewardship Project members had a straightforward message for U.S. Rep. Tim Walz when he visited a farm near Ridgeway this week, 

Gilmore Ave-Highway 61 Project

08/19/16 11:56 AM
Storm sewer installation on the Highway 61 and Gilmore Avenue reconstruction project has been completed as phase three work continues this week.

Winona Art Display

08/18/16 02:18 PM
There is a special presentation now available for the public at the Winona County History Center.

Rushford Airport

08/18/16 02:17 PM
The Rushford Airport will be getting some improvements thanks to a federal grant awarded by the U-S Department of Transportation. 

WAPS- Blood Drive

08/18/16 02:16 PM
The Winona Area Public Schools will host a blood drive on Tuesday, August 30th from 7:00 a.m. to noon. 

Ready Set School-Darst

08/18/16 02:05 PM
Jessi Darst has been named the new director of Ready Set School. 

Bridge Site Accident

08/18/16 02:04 PM
OSHA is investigating an accident Tuesday at the I-90 Dresbach bridge project that injured a worker. 

New Police Officer

08/18/16 02:03 PM
An estimated 20 people at a meeting in Fountain City testified in support of hiring a new city police officer.

Corn Harvest

08/18/16 02:02 PM
Corn growers in Wisconsin are on track to break an all-time production record that was set in 2011. 

New Urgent Care

08/18/16 02:01 PM
The City of Wabasha will be getting a new urgent care center soon. 

Birthday Ball

08/18/16 02:00 PM
The Winona Health Volunteers are shaking things up with this year's Birthday Ball: entitled 1950s Sock Hop Gone Wrong, coming up on Saturday, September 24th. 

WSU Soccer Pol

08/18/16 01:59 PM
The Winona State University women's soccer team has been picked to finish third in the 2016 NSIC Women's Soccer Preseason Coaches' Poll. 

New Vicar General

08/18/16 01:57 PM
The Catholic Diocese of Winona has a new Vicar General.


08/18/16 01:55 PM
Dawn Stenberg has started as a mortgage lender at Merchants Bank, according to Sue Hovell, Director of Retail Banking Performance.

WSU Volleyball

08/18/16 01:54 PM
Winona State University's women's volleyball team has been ranked nationally in a pre-season poll for the first time in program history.


08/17/16 10:39 AM
Police are investigating a pair of burglaries in Winona that were reported on Monday. 

Train Tresspass

08/17/16 10:37 AM
Three people hitching a ride on a freight train were cited with tresspassing after they were escorted off the train Tuesday evening. 

Director Resigns

08/17/16 10:36 AM
Fountain City will be looking for a new public works director.

New Healing Garden

08/17/16 10:35 AM
The Winona Health Foundation will host a groundbreaking party and fundraising kickoff for a new healing garden this coming Friday, August 19th.

New Construction

08/17/16 10:34 AM
Net new construction value in Buffalo County grew by less than one percent over the past year, according to preliminary reports from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. 

Retzinger Retiring

08/17/16 10:33 AM
Longtime Winona Physician Dr. Thomas Retzinger retire on September 2nd, after caring for the Winona community for 37 years. He's been part of the medical staff since 1979.

Vets Park-New Name

08/17/16 10:31 AM
Veterans Memorial Park in Winona has a new name. 

Buffalo County Court

08/17/16 10:30 AM
Among the recent appearances in Buffalo County Circuit Court..... 40-year-old James Friday of Jackson, Mississippi, pleaded not guilty to a felony charge accusing him of taking a vehicle without consent in in Mondovi.

Fairground Rules

08/17/16 10:29 AM
The Buffalo County Agriculture & Extension Education Committee is working with the county fair association to iron out responsibilities and rules for the fairgrounds in Mondovi.

Trempealeau County Flooding

08/17/16 10:28 AM
The Trempealeau County Health Department is urging local residents to use caution to protect themselves and their families following the storms and recent flooding experienced in the county.  

Hall-Child Porn

08/17/16 10:26 AM
A 38-year-old Winona man has been named in a criminal complaint charging him with ten felony counts of possession of child pornography. 


08/16/16 10:20 AM
Republican State Senator Jeremy Miller of Winona has received the endorsement of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 49. 

Buffalo County Flooding

08/16/16 10:16 AM
Buffalo County Emergency Management urges residents to report private property or agricultural damage to 2-1-1.   


08/16/16 10:13 AM
A free display of NHRA Top Fuel Dragster and Driver Terry McMillian will be at Goodson Tool in Goodview on today from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.  Goodson spokesman David Monihan says it's one of the fastest cars around and at 3pm they will fire up t

WSU Move-In Day

08/16/16 10:06 AM
Winona State University will welcome back students today. Move-In Day is taking place on both the Main and West campuses.

Miss Goodview

08/16/16 10:05 AM
Six girls will be taking part in the Miss Goodview pageant Wednesday evening as the annual festival gets ready to kick off another run. 

Train Fatal-ID

08/16/16 10:04 AM
Winona Police said a 66-year-old Winona woman was killed when she was struck by a train Friday evening in the city's east end.

Miss Winona

08/16/16 10:02 AM
The search is on for a new Miss Winona.

Drowning Victim

08/15/16 11:36 AM
Michigan authorities say they have recovered the body of a 30-year-old Winona man from Lake St. Clair. 

Winona Budget

08/15/16 11:35 AM
Winona City Council members will get their first formal look at the proposed 2017 city budget when they hold two informational meetings in two weeks. 

Ready Set School

08/15/16 11:34 AM
Ready Set School is thanking the Shopko Foundation Community Charitable Grant Program for a $500 award. 

Farm Production

08/15/16 11:33 AM
Farm production costs in Wisconsin went down 16 percent in 2015, led by a 20 percent reduction in feed expenses, according to the USDA.

City Council

08/15/16 11:31 AM
The Winona City Council will take a final vote tonight on an ordinance amendment that would govern the conduct in Veterans Memorial Park in Lake Park. 

Train Fatal

08/15/16 11:29 AM
Winona Police said a 66-year-old Winona woman was killed when she was struck by a train Friday evening in the city's east end. 

Trump-La Crosse

08/15/16 11:28 AM
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will visit La Crosse Tuesday for a private fundraising event. 

Sand Mine Permit

08/12/16 12:05 PM
A 30-day public comment period has begun in Trempealeau County for a permit from Hi-Crush, LLC of Blair. 

Hagedorn Visit

08/12/16 12:04 PM
Rebublican-endorsed candidate for the First District Congressional seat, Jim Hagedorn, was in Winona Thursday to attend a Chamber of Commerce Eggs and Issues breakfast at Perkins restaurant. 

Sex Offender Housing

08/12/16 12:03 PM
A city council committee in Alma is concerned about public fear of having registered sex offenders living in the community.   

Bridge Dedication

08/12/16 12:01 PM
A tentative schedule has been released for the dedication of the new Highway 43 interstate bridge in Winona later this month.

Missing Winona Man

08/12/16 12:00 PM
Authorities near Detroit are searching for a 30-year-old Winona man who is missing in Lake St. Clair.

Ashley for the Arts

08/12/16 11:58 AM
Some big name entertainment will be featured at this year's Ashley for the Arts weekend in Arcadia which kicks off today. 

Record Rainfall

08/11/16 10:46 AM
Thursday's rainfall brought record amounts to the Winona area. The National Weather Service says records for single day August 11th rainfall were set in six communities.

Zumbro River Flood Statement

08/11/16 10:45 AM
Heavy rainfall overnight along the additional rain over the next 24 hours will bring significant rises along the Zumbro River at Zumbro Falls. However no flooding is expected at this time. 

Buffalo County Flooding

08/11/16 10:44 AM
Buffalo County received a large amount of rain Thursday morning causing some roads to be washed out and mudslides in other areas.  

Dodge Flooding

08/11/16 10:43 AM
The National Weather Service in La Crosse WI has issued a  * Flood Warning for The Trempealeau River At Dodge from Friday evening to Monday afternoon.  

Rochester Homicide

08/11/16 10:41 AM
Police have one man in custody and are looking for another after the driver of a car was fatally shot in Rochester.      

Miller Golf Classic

08/11/16 10:40 AM
The Ben & Adith Miller Classic, sponsored by Winona Health, raised a record $210,000 for the Ben & Adith Miller Patient Care Fund, a charitable fund for individuals and families using healthcare services at Winona Health. 

Wabasha County Board

08/11/16 10:39 AM
The Wabasha County Board of Commissioners has approved a conditional use permit paving the way for a farm chemicals operation to move from Plainview to a location in Elgin Township. 

Miller Fundraiser

08/11/16 10:39 AM
Reservations are now being taken for the annual Morrie Miller Athletic Foundation events coming up in September.


Masonic Temple

08/11/16 10:37 AM
Winona City Council members will be updated on the Masonic Temple building future when an informational meeting will be held this coming Monday, August 15th at 5:45 p.m. 

HBC Award

08/11/16 10:35 AM
Hiawatha Broadband Communications, Inc. has once again earned the distinction of being named a Top 100 Fiber-To-The-Home Company by Broadband Communities Magazine.

Student Busing

08/11/16 10:33 AM
The Winona Area Public Schools transportation office during the week of August 15 the district will mail out informational postcards to parents with children who are transported to school by bus and who have met the transportation registration deadline.

Unsolved Cases-Rewards

08/10/16 10:49 AM
The Winona County Sheriff's Department says rewards are being offered for information that can help solve two recent separate cases including a sexual assault. 

Baby Angel Anniversary

08/10/16 10:47 AM
The coming fifth anniversary of an unsolved case involving an infant whose body was found floating in the Mississippi River is prompting a reminder that a reward is being offered for information on the case. 

Wabasha City Council

08/10/16 10:46 AM
Two seats on the Wabasha City Council had candidates narrowed to two in Tuesday's primary election.

Judges Races

08/10/16 10:45 AM
Two incumbent district court judges both will move on to the November general election after the primary election held on Tuesday. 

Eggs and Issues

08/10/16 10:44 AM
The public will have a chance to the two candidates running for Congress in the First District when the Winona Chamber of Commerce holds separate Eggs and Issues breakfasts at Perkins Restaurant. 

Stockton Days

08/10/16 10:43 AM
After a 20-year absence the second annual Stockton Days will be held this weekend in Stockton.

Swiss Heritage Days

08/10/16 10:42 AM
It's the third annual Swiss Heritage Days in Alma this weekend, an event that was brought back after it had a run in the 1980s and 1990s. 

Miss Goodview

08/10/16 10:41 AM
Six girls will be entering the Miss Goodview pageant next week as the annual festival gets ready to kick off another run. 

Summer Lunch Bus

08/10/16 10:40 AM
USDA Deputy Under Secretary Dr. Katie Wilson will be in Winona today (Wednesday) to get an up close look at an innovative Summer Lunch Bus program, which serves children free USDA summer meals  from a retrofitted bus.   

Primary Results-Winona

08/10/16 10:39 AM
Winona Mayor Mark Peterson was an easy winner in the primary election Tuesday. Peterson received 1,040 votes and Connie Tropple took second with 437.

Rushford School

08/09/16 10:32 AM
The project to construct the 38.5 million dollar new school in Rushford remains on target.

Fish Kill

08/09/16 10:31 AM
Biologists have determined low oxygen levels caused fish kills in the Mississippi River around La Crosse.

Frack Sand Ban

08/09/16 10:27 AM
Winona County Planning Commission members heard from several speakers Monday night during the continuation of a public meeting on a possible frack sand mining ban in the county.

Pence-La Crosse

08/09/16 10:19 AM
Donald Trump's running mate is headed to Wisconsin this week.


08/08/16 11:32 AM
Wisconsin Third District Congressman Ron Kind of La Crosse will have opposition in Tuesday's primary election on the democratic side. 

Primary-Houston County

08/08/16 11:31 AM
Houston County will have two primary elections Tuesday for seats on the County Board of Commissioners.


08/08/16 11:30 AM
There will only one contested local race when voters go to the polls Tuesday in the primary election.   Four candidates will be on the ballot for mayor of Winona and only the top two vote-getters will advance to the November general election. Incumb

Injury Crash

08/08/16 11:29 AM
Trempealeau County authorities say two people were injured Sunday afternoon when a vehicle crashed off a highway in the Town of Pigeon and nearly struck a house. 

Motorcycle Crash

08/08/16 11:25 AM
One person was taken to a La Crosse hospital after a vehicle crashed into the rear of a motorcycle along Interstate 90 in the Dakota area Sunday.

Altura Fire

08/08/16 11:24 AM
Authorities said one person was injured when a fire broke out at a business in Altura on Sunday. 

Frack Sand Hearing

08/08/16 11:23 AM
Several speakers will be given an opportunity to address the Winona County Planning Commission tonight when the commission holds a public hearing on a possible frack sand mining ban in the county. 

Artillery Round

08/08/16 11:22 AM
Construction workers have discovered an old artillery round in downtown Galesville.

Farm Runoff

08/05/16 11:31 AM
The Buffalo County Land Conservation & Resource Management Committee discussed farm runoff management rules with a specialist from the state Department of Natural Resources.

Eyota Field Crop Day

08/05/16 11:30 AM
Cover crop research and forage management will be a major focus of the Thursday, Aug. 11th, Southeast Minnesota Forage Council Summer Field Day, hosted by Ron Pagel at Paclear Farms near Eyota.  

WSU Student Death

08/05/16 11:29 AM
The Winona State University community is mourning the loss of one of its students.

County Board

08/05/16 11:28 AM
The Winona County Board of Commissioners will be asked to ratify a new three-year contract with the County's Supervisor's Labor Unit on Tuesday.

New Brewery

08/05/16 11:28 AM
The Winona Heritage Preservation Commission will hold a special meeting Monday at the sight of a new micro brewery in Winona. 

Fastenal Sales

08/05/16 11:26 AM
 Fastenal is reporting a decline of 7-point-2 percent in net sales for the month of July when compared to July of 2015.          

Fountain City Hearing

08/05/16 11:24 AM
The City of Fountain City will host a public hearing on Thursday, August 11th, to discuss a grant that would enable the city to hire a police officer. 

Zika Search

08/05/16 11:21 AM
Minnesota health investigators are searching cities in the southern part of the state, including Winona, for one of two primary species known to carry the Zika virus.

Strong Storms

08/05/16 11:20 AM
Strong winds and heavy rain  swept into southwestern Wisconsin and southeastern Minnesota Thursday, toppling trees and knocking out power. 

Top Dragster

08/05/16 11:19 AM
Here's chance to see a top fuel dragster up close and personal in Winona. 

Arcadia Clinic

08/05/16 11:17 AM
Arcadia's Mayo Clinic-Franciscan Healthcare  facility opened this week in its 12,000 square foot new building on the south side of Arcadia along Highway 93. 

Frack Sand Ban Hearing

08/04/16 02:17 PM
Several speakers will be given an opportunity to address the Winona County Planning Commission next Monday, August 8th, when the commission holds a public hearing on a possible frack sand mining ban in the county.

Miller Endorsement

08/04/16 02:15 PM
State Senator Jeremy Miller of Winona has received the endorsement of the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association.

Summer Lunch Bus

08/04/16 02:14 PM
USDA Deputy Under Secretary Dr. Katie Wilson will visit Winona's innovative Summer Lunch Bus program, which serves children free USDA summer meals from a retrofitted bus outside the Winona Public Library.

Dakota Assault

08/04/16 02:13 PM
Winona authorities are continuing to seek the help of the public in locating the assailant who attacked a Dakota man early Tuesday and left the victim with very serious injuries.

Schmit-Saturday Visits

08/04/16 02:11 PM
State Senator Matt Schmit will be in Wabasha this weekend to hold a public gathering. Schmit, who is from Red Wing, will be at the "Eagle's Nest" Coffee House from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. to meet with the public and discuss issues of interest.

Herron Golf

08/04/16 02:10 PM
All community members are invited to a free demonstration by professional golfer Tim "Lumpy" Herron, this coming Monday, August 8th at 10 a.m. at Cedar Valley Golf Course. 

Peak Energy Alert

08/04/16 02:09 PM
With temperatures soaring into the 90s, Tri-Colunty Electric, based in Rushford, issued a peak energy alert to address the high demand for electricity in the regional power market.

River Dredge

08/04/16 02:08 PM
The U-S Army Corps of Engineers has begun a project to dredge the Mississippi River at Reeds Landing.

National Night Out

08/04/16 02:07 PM
Good crowds turned out last night for National Night Out activities at three different locations in the Winona area.

Heart Healthy Eating

08/02/16 01:45 PM
Winona Volunteer Services is offering  a free class on heart-healthy eating on Tuesday, August 9th.

WSU Move-In Day

08/02/16 01:44 PM
Winona State University will welcome back students on Tuesday, August 16th. 

Highway 61-Gilmore Avenue Project

08/02/16 01:43 PM
The new traffic signal system at the Highway 61-Gilmore Avenue intersection construction project is completed.

Mayo Ranking

08/02/16 01:42 PM
The Mayo Clinic has been named the best hospital in the United States in the annual rankings for 2016-17 by U.S. News & World Report.  

Japan Ambassadors

08/02/16 01:41 PM
August marks the start of the application process for Winona area 8th, 9th & 10th grade students who are interested in becoming Japan student ambassadors to Winona's sister city, Misato, Japan for the 2016-2017 school year.


08/02/16 01:40 PM
Winona National Bank has announced that David Pierret has joined the Bank as a Vice President of Business Banking. 

Reed Charged

08/02/16 01:39 PM
A Winona man who launched a tirade at people in Veterans Memorial Park in Lake Park that was caught on video, is now facing criminal charges.

City Council

08/02/16 01:36 PM
An east end park will be getting a new pavilion after the City Council Monday approved a contract with an architect to design the new building. 

Body Found

08/02/16 01:35 PM
Winona Police identified the body of a man found in Gilmore Creek Monday evening as 60-year-old Terry Allen Block of Winona.

Pokemon vs. Veteran's

08/02/16 01:33 PM
Winona officials have rejected a proposal that would have banned electronic games in Veterans Memorial Park. 

Deputy Honored

08/01/16 10:16 AM
The Minnesota Department of Public Safety recognized Winona County Deputy Chad Myers as a member of the 2015 DWI Enforcer All-Star Team for taking drunk drivers off the road and protecting lives in Winona County.

National Night Out

08/01/16 10:15 AM
The public is invited to take part in the annual National Night Out activities in Winona  Tuesday. The event will take place between  5:00 and 7:30 p.m. at the East Recreation Center and it is free.

Taste of Winona

08/01/16 10:14 AM
A reminder, the annual "Taste of Winona" event will be held on Thursday, August 4th, at Visions Event Center and Signatures Restaurant from 5-to-8 p.m.

Minnesota State College SE Visit

08/01/16 10:12 AM
Members of the public are invited to submit input about Minnesota State College Southeast in advance of a visit by the Higher Learning Commission in November.

Plane Crash-ID

08/01/16 10:12 AM
Authorities have identified the pilot of a missing small plane that crashed near La Crosse Thursday.

Tattoo Exhibition

08/01/16 10:11 AM
There's an unusual exhibition coming to Winona's Minnesota Marine Art Museum.

C-FC Lunch Prices

08/01/16 10:10 AM
The Cochrane-Fountain City School Board adjusted lunch prices in compliance with federal guidelines for free and reduced rates and set activity fees for the 2016-17 school term.

Arcadia Administrator

08/01/16 10:09 AM
Arcadia has its first city administrator. The Trempealeau County Times reports Bill Chang has been appointed to the position by the City Council representing a change in the city's operations.

City Council

08/01/16 10:08 AM
The Winona City Council will get an update on Monday on the improvements to the Levee Park rail crossing at the foot of main street, and on the plans for a gateway into Levee Park near the Highway 43 bridge project.

Ready Set School-Rubio's

08/01/16 10:07 AM
Here's a chance to get a good meal and help raise money for a local organization at the same time.

Winona Murders

08/01/16 10:06 AM
Local authorities have been busy conducting murder investigations over the past several months.

New Dollar Store

08/01/16 10:04 AM
A new retail store will be opening up in Lewiston soon.

Gilmore Ave-Highway 61 Project

07/27/16 11:21 AM
Work on phase three of the Highway 61 and Gimore Avenue intersection project is continuing this week. 

Windom Park

07/27/16 11:20 AM
A plan to establish the Windom Park Historic District moved a step closer to reality Monday when the city Planning Commission supported the idea.

Goodview Days Buttons

07/27/16 11:15 AM
With the annual Goodview Days festival just a few weeks away the official button kickoff will be held today. 

Bar Shooting

07/27/16 11:14 AM
One man is dead and a second man was hospitalized following a drive-by shooting in Winona early Wednesday. 

Bar Shooting

07/27/16 11:11 AM
One man is dead and a second man was hospitalized following a drive-by shooting in Winona early Wednesday. Winona Police said the incident occurred about 1:00 a.m. outside EB's Corner in the 700 block of West Fifth Street. 

Eggs and Issues

07/26/16 11:39 AM
The public will have a chance to meet two of the three candidates running for Congress in the First District when the Winona Chamber of Commerce holds separate Eggs and Issues breakfasts at Perkins Restaurant.

Cranberry Production

07/26/16 11:38 AM
Wisconsin cranberry production totaled 4.86 million barrels in 2015, USDA reported in its summary of non-citrus fruits and nuts released in July.       Cranberry growers harvested 20,200 acres, down 500 acres from 2014. Yields averaged

Boy Burned

07/26/16 11:37 AM
Authorities said an 11-year-old Winona boy was transferred to the burn unit at Regions Hospital in St. Paul Monday after he sustained burns on his body. 

Independence Chase

07/26/16 11:36 AM
Two people were taken into custody on Monday after a chase and a three-hour search. 

Fishing Dock

07/26/16 11:35 AM
Buffalo City is making plans to add a new public fishing dock along the community's riverfront.  

MMAM Celebration

07/26/16 11:34 AM
As part of it's 10th anniversary celebration, the Minnesota Marine Art Museum will be hosting a special celebration on Saturday, July 30th from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm featuring $1 admission to all visitors.

K9 Cleo

07/26/16 11:30 AM
Winona County Sheriff's Deputy Adam Carlson and K9 Cleo attended their 2016 United States Police Canine Association Region 12 PD1 (Patrol) certification in Brooklyn Park in late June.

Powers-Felony Charges

07/26/16 11:30 AM
A Fountain City, Wis., man accused of sexually abusing a 13-year-old boy was scheduled to have a preliminary hearing in Buffalo County Circuit Court on Sept. 7. 

Fatal Fire

07/26/16 11:29 AM
A 51-year-old mother and her 26-year-old son have died after a house fire in Rochester.

La Crescent Referendum

07/26/16 11:27 AM
Voters in the La Crescent-Hokah school district may be presented with a referendum in November to finance construction of a new elementary school.

Crossing Closed

07/26/16 11:26 AM
The City of Winona says the railroad crossing at Wabasha and South Baker Street will be closed to traffic starting Monday. The closure will last through Wednesday, July 27th, as crew repair the Canadian Pacific crossing and some tracks.

Sex Offenders

07/26/16 11:25 AM
Authorities have released the names of  the three convicted predatory sex offenders being released from prison to live near Minnesota City.

Frack Sand Ban

07/26/16 11:24 AM
A reminder the deadline for the public to submit written comments on the proposed frack sand mine ban in Winona County is August 1st, at 4:30 p.m. The ban would be contained in a proposed amendment to the county zoning ordinance and would prohibit the mi

School Board

07/26/16 11:22 AM
The Winona Area Public School Board has a new chair. Member Ben Barrato was elected Thursday on a unanimous vote by the other board members. 

WNB-Pool Party

07/26/16 11:19 AM
Winona National Bank and the City of Winona Parks& Recreation held a Pool Party Concert on July 15 at the Bob Welch Aquatic Center, featuring Rip Roaring Entertainment as well as the famous $1 hot dog lunch. 


07/21/16 10:53 AM
St. Mary's University has received favorable rankings from four different publications. 

Sex Offender Release

07/21/16 10:52 AM
Authorities say three level three convicted sex offenders are due to be released from prison into the community soon and a required public notification meeting will be held next week.

Machete Attack

07/21/16 10:48 AM
Winona Police said a 20-year-old Winona man was jailed Wednesday after he allegedly threatened another man with a machete. 

Hy-Vee Recall

07/21/16 10:47 AM
Hy-Vee is recalling its store brand No-Salt-Added Black Beans after a customer found part of a pen in one container. 

School Board

07/21/16 10:46 AM
The Winona Area Public School Board will go paperless starting Thursday. 

Flower Urns

07/21/16 10:45 AM
Buffalo City will no longer sell new trusts for flower urns at gravesites in its public cemetery. 

Dr. West Contract

07/21/16 10:43 AM
The Winona Area Public School Board will discuss an agenda item Thursday regarding the possible renewal of the contract for Superintendent Dr. Stephen West. 

Riverboat Days Festival

07/21/16 10:42 AM
Wabasha's annual Riverboat Days festival is looking for some money. 

Food Drive-Open Our Hearts

07/21/16 10:40 AM
The Winona County foodshelves are participating in a special food drive this month and are looking for cash donations.

GRSF Director

07/21/16 10:39 AM
The managing director of the Great River Shakespeare Festival in Winona will be stepping down after this season. 

New Store-Cochrane

07/21/16 10:38 AM
Developers plan to break ground for a new Dollar General retail store in Cochrane this fall and have it open for business in April. 

BK5K Grants

07/21/16 10:36 AM
Several teachers and staff members in the Winona Area Public Schools were the recipients of grants from the BK5K Youth Fund recently. 

Quinn-Poland Trip

07/21/16 10:35 AM
Winona Catholic Bishop John Quinn is leading a delegation of 27 people from the Diocese of Winona to Poland this week. 

United Way Drive

07/21/16 10:33 AM
With the announcement that 21 non profit agencies in the Winona area received a total of $120,000 in grants from the Winona Area United Way, comes news of some changes coming soon.


07/21/16 10:29 AM
The Winona Middle School has a new assistant principal.

Heat Relief

07/19/16 01:44 PM
Those seeking relief from the coming heat wave may come in and cool down in the Winona Clinic's family and visitor waiting areas or the hospital cafeteria. 

Flood Stage Report

07/19/16 01:43 PM
The National Weather Service says heavy rain that fell over the Mississippi river basin over the past week is causing significant rises on the Mississippi River. However, no flooding is expected at this time. 

Dangerous Heat Coming

07/19/16 01:41 PM
Building heat and humidity is expected to produce heat index values between 100 and 115 Thursday and 95 to 105 Friday. little relief from the heat is expected Thursday night as low temperatures only fall into the middle 70s.

Assault Charges

07/19/16 01:39 PM
The Winona County Attorney's Office is reviewing a case involving the alleged assault by a 20-year-old Winona man on a female.

Stolen Golf Clubs

07/19/16 01:21 PM
If you happen to see someone playing golf with, or trying to sell, an expensive set of golf clubs notify the police or Winona Area Crime Stoppers.

Mine Denied

07/19/16 01:20 PM
A Wisconsin state appeals court has affirmed a decision blocking a frack sand mine in Buffalo County. 

Ag Products Planted

07/19/16 01:19 PM
An estimated 4.2 million acres of land was planted in corn in Wisconsin, up some 200,000 acres from 2015, according to the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture.  

River Debris

07/19/16 01:17 PM
The Winona County Sheriff's Department has issued a warning to boaters on the Mississippi River to be aware of the rising waters and debris in the river. 

WSU-Interim Dean

07/19/16 01:16 PM
Winona State University has appointed Rita Rahoi-Gilchrest to the position of Interim Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts effective August 15th. 

Sweet Stroll

07/19/16 01:15 PM
A reminder over 30 downtown businesses will be taking part in the fourth annual Sweet Stroll event coming up on Thursday, July 21st.         

Frack Sand Ban

07/11/16 10:32 AM
The deadline for the public to submit written comments on the proposed frack sand mine ban in Winona County is August 1st, at 4:30 p.m.

Sand Mine Terminal

07/11/16 10:08 AM
 A mining company plans to construct a $10 million railroad terminal near Tomah to ship frac sand to new markets. 

National Guard Deployment

07/11/16 10:07 AM
Several Minnesota National Guard troops from the Winona area are getting ready for deployment to Egypt this summer in a peacekeeping mission. 

Saving Goose Lake

07/11/16 10:06 AM
The Village of Cochrane is exploring options for saving Goose Lake from becoming a swamp.

New Creek Location

07/11/16 10:02 AM
Work is continuing on a project to re-locate a portion of a creek in Arcadia to help prevent future flooding. 

Meet the Beetles

07/08/16 11:10 AM
Beatles fans will get an opportunity to hear some of the Fab Four's songs when "Meet the Beetles" tribute band comes to Winona later this month. 

Health Talk

07/08/16 11:09 AM
Whether you've recently learned you have diabetes or have had diabetes for years, you will get helpful information at Winona Health's free Health Talk: Dog Days of Diabetes.

City Logo

07/08/16 11:08 AM
The city of Winona will be getting a brand new logo. 

Hagedorn Slams Walz

07/08/16 11:07 AM
Republican First District congressional candidate Jim Hagedorn slammed DFL incumbent Congressman Tim Walz for perpetually failing to address key issues in a timely and straight-forward manner.

Lottery Winner

07/08/16 11:06 AM
Another big lottery winner in Wabasha County. 


07/08/16 11:05 AM
Dispatcher/jailers at the sheriff's department in Buffalo County were outfitted with wireless phone headsets.  

Planning Commission

07/08/16 11:04 AM
The Winona City Planning Commission will hold a pair of public hearings when it meets on Monday, July 11th. 

Sweet Stroll

07/08/16 11:03 AM
Over 30 downtown businesses will be taking part in the fourth annual Sweet Stroll event on Thursday, July 21st. 

Vets Concerts

07/08/16 11:01 AM
A series of special patriotic gospel concerts will be held in Winona next week to help benefit veterans in need of assistance. 

Taste of Winona

07/08/16 10:57 AM
Tickets are now available for the annual "Taste of Winona" coming up on Thursday, August 4th, at Visions Event Center and Signatures Restaurant from 5-to-8 p.m. 

Bank Merger

07/07/16 11:04 AM
The Altura State Bank will have a new name starting on Saturday after a merger agreement with the People's State Bank of Plainview is signed. 

Rochester Development

07/07/16 11:02 AM
A Rochester downtown developer and his Development & Investments team have parted ways with an investor group led by a member of the Saudi Royal Family. KTTC TV reports the team announced it had "terminated" the investor rights of a group l

Healthcare Directives

07/07/16 11:01 AM
Winona Health is offering a free informational program about Healthcare Directives (also called Advance Directives) on Monday, July 18th, from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. in the Parkview Conference Room at Winona Health. 

Highway 61-Gilmore Avenue Project

07/07/16 10:59 AM
As work continues on the Highway 61 and Gilmore Avenue upgrade project, a detour will be in effect starting this coming Monday, July 11th, for traffic to access Gilmore Avenue from 61.                    

Body Found

07/07/16 10:59 AM
Prosecutors say two men accused of fatally shooting a man in Steele County believed he was a drug informant. 

Smith and Bork Elected

07/07/16 10:58 AM
Scott Smith of Mondovi is the new chairman of the Buffalo County Agriculture & Extension Education Committee and Dennis Bork of Montana is vice chairman.

Church Fire

07/07/16 10:56 AM
A 19-year-old Trempealeau man will return to court on July 15th after making his initial appearance on Tuesday on attempted arson charges. 

Rushford Lawsuit

07/07/16 10:55 AM
A trial over access to 52 acres of private land next to the new Rushford-Peterson school under construction has been delayed.

Rivers Rise

07/07/16 10:52 AM
Forecast rainfall is expected to result in significant rises on area rivers, streams, and creeks.

College for Kids

07/06/16 10:47 AM
Winona State University will host the 29th Annual College for Kids July 11-14 on the WSU campus.

Identity Theft Class

07/06/16 10:46 AM
Winona Volunteer Services is offering  a free class on a popular topic, Identity Theft and Scams. 

Jackson Charged

07/06/16 10:44 AM
Bond was set at $150,000 Tuesday in Winona District Court for a man who threatened a Winona police officer with a gun and wound up being shot. 


07/06/16 10:42 AM
Republican State Senator Jeremy Miller has picked up another endorsement.

Goodhue Fire Chief

07/06/16 10:40 AM
The town of Goodhue is mourning the death of its fire chief in a tractor accident.

Severe Storms

07/06/16 10:38 AM
Utility crews worked through the night to restore power to thousands who lost service when a powerful storm moved through parts of Wisconsin.

College for Kids

07/05/16 10:43 AM
Winona State University will host the 29th Annual College for Kids July 11-14 on the WSU campus. 


07/05/16 10:42 AM
The Minnesota Professional Fire Fighters have announced their endorsement of Jeremy Miller for re-election to the Minnesota Senate in Distrrct 28.           They are an association representing over 1,600 professional and Union fi

Pool Party Concert

07/05/16 10:41 AM
Winona National Bank and the City of Winona Park & Recreation Department are teaming for a Pool Party Concert on Friday, July 15th, at the Bob Welch Aquatic Center. 

Church Arson

07/05/16 10:40 AM
Police in western Wisconsin say they caught a teenager as he was trying to set a church on fire.

MMAM-Family Fest

07/01/16 01:05 PM
The Minnesota Marine Art Museum (MMAM) is hosting its annual Family Fest on Saturday, July 9th from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  

Frack Sand Ban

07/01/16 01:04 PM
More than 100 residents from across Winona County gathered last Thursday at the Tau Center in Winona to stand up against frac sand mining.

Farm Report

07/01/16 01:02 PM
The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture said the all-class milk price paid to Wisconsin dairy farmers averaged $14.70 per hundredweight in May.

Holiday Closings

07/01/16 12:54 PM
A reminder that all city, county, state, and federal offices will be closed on Monday, July 4th, because of the Independence Day holiday.

County Park

06/30/16 01:20 PM
The Buffalo County Fairgrounds in Mondovi has been designated as a county park under a new lease agreement approved by the City of Mondovi and Buffalo County Board of Supervisors. 

Masonic Temple Roof

06/30/16 01:19 PM
Winona City and community leaders celebrated the start of work on a roof repair project to fix parts of the Winona Masonic Temple Theater. 

Wabasha County Property Tax

06/30/16 01:17 PM
The Wabasha County Board of Commissioners has set a limit on it proposed property tax levy for 2017. 

Planning Commission-Frack Sand Meeting

06/30/16 01:16 PM
The Winona County Planning Commission holds a public hearing tonight on the possibility of a a ban on frack sand mining in the county.

County Board-Jail

06/30/16 01:15 PM
The Winona County Board of Commissioners hopes to get the results of a study of its aging jail by the end of September. 

Holiday Hours

06/30/16 01:10 PM
A reminder that all city, county, state, and federal offices will be closed on Monday, July 4th, because of the Independence Day holiday. Banks will also be closed and there will be no at home mail delivery. Many retail stores will remain open. The Urge

Domestic Arrest

06/29/16 10:19 AM
Trempealeau County authorities said a 47-year-old Galesville man was taken into custody Tuesday after a neighborhood near Centerville was evacuated.

Heath-Olympic Trials

06/29/16 10:17 AM
Winona High school graduate Garrett Heath will take part in the Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon, next Monday, July 4th as he attempts to qualify for the Rio Olympics. 

Urgent Care-Holiday

06/29/16 10:16 AM
Winona Health says it's Urgent Care Clinic, located at 420 E. Sarnia Street, will be open Monday, July 4th from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. All other Winona Health clinics and retail pharmacies will be closed on July 4th. 

Watershed Plan

06/29/16 10:15 AM
A draft of the proposed Root River One Watershed, One Plan, is now available for public comment period. 

Bridge Dedication

06/29/16 10:14 AM
As the project to construct a new Highway 43 interstate bridge in Winona nears completion a dedication ceremony has now been placed on the calender. 

Dairy Production

06/29/16 10:13 AM
Wisconsin dairy farmers set another production record in May, averaging 2,060 pounds of milk per cow.

Highway 61-Gilmore Avenue Project

06/29/16 10:12 AM
Phase three work on the Highway 61-Gilmore Avenue intersection project in Winona is slated to get underway next week while phase two work continues this week.