Paul Lundquist

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Born and raised is Selby South Dakota right by an amazing feat of nature called the middle of nowhere. (DANGER BIG EGO AHEAD!) When I was a sophomore in High School I took a new class at Selby High, Go Lions, that did video editing and we put together highlight tapes for the different sports and provided video footage for the coaches. I liked it and was good at it so the next year the school started an advanced communications technology class with more advanced systems the teacher didn't have the training it required to teach the class. And after my friend got suspended for threatening to break the teachers nose.(true story) I got handed some manuals and was told to teach the class the video editing software and put the schools TV station on the air, which I did because I'm awesome.

I started looking for schools and they didn't have a mass comm. degree without some radio. I wasn't sure if I would like that so I took an internship with a local radio station in Mobridge SD, and loved it. I went to school in Minneapolis at the prestigious Brown College (it's like THE Ohio State University). Then moved around the Midwest working at radio stations in Grinnell IA and Ottumwa IA before moving here to Winona.

Likes - Cooking, The Vikings, talking to myself, music, Johnny Depp, Movies.

Dislikes -Kale..... I really don't like Kale

Favorite TV Shows - DOCTOR WHO, Orphan Black, The Black List, Arrow, Once apon a Time, Sons of Anarchy, Person of Intrest, Chopped, Face-Off.

Favorite Movies - Scott Pilgrem vs. The World, Shawshank Redemption, Big Fish, I'm Reed Fish, The Blues Brothers, The Others, City of Ember, V for Vandetta, and most things made by Marvel Studios

Websites -

Fav Bands - Motion City Soundtrack, Tool, Gordon Lightfoot, Cartel De Santa, Cake, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jimmy Eat World,  Grand Funk Railroad, Butthole Surfers, The Beastie Boys, Nirvana, The Black Keys, Kings of Leon
, Cage the Elephant

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