Polly Peterson

KHME 10am - 3pm Mon - Sat

I graduated with an art degree and a minor
in mass communications from Iowa Wesleyan College, with an
intention to eventually teach (which I have in the past).
I started my radio career in a coffee shop on campus where by chance
got interviewed on the radio during homecoming. That station
and the competeing station both approached me to work for them.
The only way this was possible was to work for them without pay
and I did, turning the experience into credit towards my degree.
These days, I'm still doing what I love, playing music for the office
crowd.  You can also hear me on 'phone on hold' messaging for companies
all over the country.  I also love doing audio on the side for
tv and radio commercials locally, regionally and nationally.
Hobbies include oil painting, playing the piano and violin and cooking
with friends.  SHOPPING is by far the most fun thing to do (when possible).
My husband's name is Jeff and our son Anthony is living and working in Madison
these days.  We have 3 dogs: Sgt Pepper (a chowzer that being half chow half
schauzer), Magnolia (a coton de tulear) and our latest addition Leinie (mixed breed).
Jeff named her after Leinies beer (oh geeze but it fits her). If ever I can upload pics here, I will!
Thanks for listening!  My email is pollypete@winonaradio.com.

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