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KCountry 99.3 Line Up
Jeff Young enjoys photography, computers, and music. He also loves traveling,sightseeing, and the outdoors. In fact, his aspiration is to one-day hike to thebottom of the Grand Canyon. When not out on an adventure, Jeff is content to stay at home with his two adorable kitties.

Dakota Summers loves country music and the artists. Somehow she manages to get major recording stars to stop by her show on a regular basis to chat and she has a special knack for getting them to relax and have fun. Maybe it has something to do with the in-studio decorations. Dakota loves to interact with her listeners every day!

Brian Douglas used to skydive but now he gets his heart going by running three miles every day—it’s his morning coffee! Brian has traveled extensively but after visiting over thirty countries his favorite place to go is still Vegas. He lives with his wife and three year-old, Jack.

Chris Conn is also known on-air and around the station as The Conman. He prides himself in delivering one of the most fun and interactive shows in the country. He’s thankful that he is doing what most folks would love to do in their job - have fun! Chris was a longtime on-camera host on television’s Great American Country (GAC).

Melody Morgan has broadcast live from a fighter jet, been on air and on an elephant at the same time, and hosted the Tight-Fitting Jeans Contest at the “Whiskey River” Honky Tonk. Melody enjoys traveling, camping, cooking, and facing off against friends at the poker table.