Teacher of the Month
Winona Radio's 5 stations and St. Mary's University are putting the spotlight on our local teachers and we are giving them some prizes too.

We are looking for teachers who inspire our kids and deserve to be recognized.  If you know a teacher who is the best of the best tell us all about it by nominating a teacher.

Our monthly winners will receive a prize from St. Mary's University, Flowers on Broadway, Pipe Dream Toys, Rubio's Mexican Restaurant, Cost Cutters, Minnesota State College Southeast Technical,  Office Depot and Texas Roadhouse.

Fill out the online nomination form or mail your nomination form to:
Teacher of the Month
Winona Radio
PO Box 767
Winona, MN 55987

Click to here to print out a nomination form.

The teacher needs to be in a 40 mile radius of Winona.
We will pick the first winner on November 4th and then the 1st Monday of every month thereafter until May 16th, 2014.
We will post the winner each month on our website.
February Teacher of the Month
Carne Lee, 3rd grade teacher at Galesville Elementary, was nominated by Quinn Wenthe.

Here is what Quinn wrote:
" Ms. Lee encourages her students to think independently. She gives up her time during lunch and after school to work with students on clubs like creative club and odyssey of the mind. She makes every kid feel like they are her favorite (even though I know I am)."
January Teacher of the Month
Miss Sandy Engelhardt, 1st grade teacher at Immanuel Lutheran in Lewiston, was nominated by Nick & Ray Pitzen.

Here is what Nick & Ray wrote:
" Our teacher Miss Engelhardt is really nice.  She can sing and play guitar really good.  She has to teach 2 sets of twin boys, we are one.  She is retiring this year.  We will miss her.  She should be teacher of the month before she is done!"
December Teacher of the Month
Mrs. Rhonda Anderson, 4th & 5th grade teacher at Ridgeway Community, was nominated by Julia Maynard.

Here is what Julia wrote:
" Mrs. Anderson should be nominated because she is really nice and does fun activities and crafts.  She makes school fun and always takes time to listen to us.  She also takes time to come to all of her students activities outside of school, even in the summer!"
November Teacher of the Month
Mr. Paulsen, 4th grade STEM teacher at Jefferson, was nominated by Tammy Kronesbusch.

Here is what Tammy wrote:
" Mr. Paulsen comes with a passion for teaching that I have not seen yet. I have two children (one 9th grade and one 4th grade). My son comes home every single day excited to tell me what he did for the day and what is coming next. Mr. Paulsen keeps the kids engaged and ready to take on the new challenges. It is SO MUCH FUN to hear my son talk about stories that Mr. Paulsen has told them---that relate to what he is teaching. The passion and commitment that Mr. Paulsen has to give his children an outstanding education is phenomenal. He is what teaching is about and is a great example for everyone!"

October Teacher of the Month
Mrs. Jan Blomsness, 4th grade teacher at Cochrane-Fountain City, was nominated by Sherri Slawatyniec.

Here is what Sherri wrote:
"She should be nominated because she always has a welcoming smile on her face every morning to greet her students. She always goes above and beyond for her students and always makes each and everyone of them feel special. My daughters have both told me that she is like a ray of sunshine in the mornings and I don't think you can get much better than that! Plus, she gives the kids a treat such as popcorn as a reward after they have worked hard all day. She is just a fabulous human being and I wish more people could be like her in the world. Her generosity knows no bounds. That is why I am nominating Mrs. Jan Blomsness and she truly deserves to get recognized for all she has done for all of the students in her teaching career. I have never met anyone who didn't like her. And also, she always smells really pretty too!