Teacher of the Month
March Teacher of the Month
Ivana Blank
Teacher at Winona Area Learning Center
Nominated by Konner Ericksoo

"She makes sure that everyone gets everything they need done. She is so funny and so caring!"
February Teacher of the Month
Kyle Martin
2nd grade teacher at Jefferson Elementary School
Nominated by Brandon McQuinn

"Mr. Martin continues to go above and beyond the call of duty. A recent example was when I e-mailed the teacher to ask about helping my daughter with her fear of the schools mascot (herky). The school mascot is a character costume in the school assemblies, after hearing from my daughter that she was not attending because of fear, I contacted the teacher and he was more than helpful. He even suggested having a classroom discussion about fun parts of mascots and characters, and stated he would get in the costume to show her, that it was just like dress up. Every day my daughter comes home with wonderful stories about how her teacher models positive behavior. She is more excited to go to school than ever before, we have her teacher Mr. Martin to thank for that. He is an example of excellence in education"
January Teacher of the Month
Tracy Iberg
1st grade teacher at Cochrane Fountain City School
Nominated by Michelle Kalmes

"My daughter struggles and hates school.. and struggles at home also.. Mrs. Iberg has graciously offered to email me daily morning and night to discuss her day at school and her evening mornings at home.. this makes her a wonderful teacher that clearly goes above and beyond.. and things have improved with my daughter in school."

Pictured above:
Back row: Izabella Duellman, Janson Wolfe, Nicholas Bissen, Ethan Holzer, Kendra Abts, Adria Moen, Lindsey Hoesley
Middle row: Kendra Duden, Oliver Engler, Mrs. Iberg, Ryder Finall, Layla Semling, Ashlynn Kalmes
Front row: Jose Mireles, Mayson Holzem
December Teacher of the Month
Stacy Rasmussen
4th grade teacher at Jefferson Elementary
Nominated by Tanya Berzinksi

"Some people have found the perfect fit in their career, and that is definitely the case with Stacy Rasmussen. Stacy exudes all of the qualities I look for in a great teacher – she is kind and caring, she is passionate about her work, and she sees the best in every student. She works diligently to meet all of their varied needs. Stacy has the biggest heart of anyone that I know, and she is committed to making every day great for her students. Two things impress me tremendously about Stacy’s approach with students. First, her work with all students to teach them the importance of kindness, of being good to each other to make the world a better place. Stacy’s room is full of reminders on how important it is to be kind. The student’s locker tags, rather than a cute animal or a pencil with their name on it, are made up of inspirational quotes. These constant reminders to be the best you can be, to always be kind – they are subtle but powerful because they are laced into everything that she does. She is teaching our fourth graders the importance of having good character, a life lesson that will only help these students and our country in the years ahead. The other thing that impresses me about Stacy, is her ability to look at the big picture and see how home life impacts school life. She sees kids who have family lives across the spectrum. She loves them all, she encourages them all, she supports them all. She gives her students hugs, knowing that for the students who come from disadvantaged homes - that may be the only hug they get that day. Everything she does comes from a place of love. Stacy is an inspiration to me, and exactly the teacher that I want for my children. She is a great teacher – helping them learn and expand their knowledge beyond all limits. Even better, she makes learning FUN and she knows how to appeal to the varied interests and abilities of all students, so that learning becomes an entertaining process instead of just work. Most importantly, she is all heart, and her love for helping students is truly a special thing. I honestly believe that her work with our students is having a tremendously positive impact on who they will become and what they can do in the future. We are so lucky to have her."
November Teacher of the Month
Mr. Stokke
5th grade teacher at Lewiston Altura Intermediate
Nominated by Lilly Schell

"I think Mr. Stokke should win teacher of the month because he taught me and he taught me great stuff new stuff and he made it so I would understand it and learn it."
October Teacher of the Month
Miss Lacey Ellinghuysen
3rd & 4th grade teacher at Immanuel Lutheran Silo
Nominated by Ray & Nick Pitzen

"Our teacher should be Teacher of the Month because she loves it when we ask questions and always tries to give us a good answer.  She is fair and kind.  She smiles a lot and is pretty.  She makes us feel good.  She encourages us to read.  And she has two sets of twin boys (including us) and we don't drive her crazy!  Please choose Miss Ellinghuysen!"