Faces of Winona

Miller-Hero of the Food Industry

The Minnesota Grocers Association announced Senator Jeremy Miller (R-Winona) as a 2017 Hero of the Food Industry.  Miller received the honor for his leadership in advancing the food industry’s priorities during the 2017 Minnesota Legislative Session.  "Senator Miller displayed outstanding leadership in advocating for common sense policies that create job growth and spur economic activity.  He truly is a champion of a free marketplace, not placing undue burdens on local business, and helping our neighbors keep their shopping baskets full," said Jamie Pfuhl, President of the Minnesota Grocers Association. "This award is a testament to his vision, strong leadership, and support of the industry from farm to fork."


Miller was presented the award at Hy-Vee Food Store in Winona by store manager Dan Welsh before touring the store to further understand the complex nature of the industry and the many challenges faced to remain viable in today’s competitive marketplace.

Picture: Mike Karbo, Vice President, Minnesota Grocers Association, Hy-Vee Food Store manager Dan Welsh, Senator Jeremy Miller (R – Winona), Jamie Pfuhl, President, Minnesota Grocers Association.


Rupert-Winona Health Free Talk

Sensory Integration is the ability to process information from the world around us. In typical development, this happens without having to think about it, but some children have difficulty. This can lead to a variety of challenging behaviors from intense negative reactions to certain things such as sensitivity to loud noises or needing to continuously move. What’s “normal,” and what may indicate a need for help?  Winona Health Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Loucresie Rupert, MD, along with Occupational Therapists Kyann Brown and Emily Breunig will share information about how sensory processing can affect a child’s behavior and what can be done to help them at a Free Health Talk: Is this “normal?” Helping Children with Sensory Conditions, Monday, October 2, 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the Playground in the Winona Mall, 1213 Gilmore Avenue, Winona, Minn.


The program is free. RSVP is requested by Thursday, September 28. To RSVP online, visit www.winonahealth.org/spirit or call 507.457.4161.


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