Faces of Winona

Dorian Vocal Festival

This year, 4 students from the Winona Senior High School Choir participated in Luther College’s 67th annual Dorian Vocal Festival. The festival took place January 14-16.

Before the attending the festival, these students met with Alexandra Johnson, the director of Winona Senior High School Choirs, to help prepare them for this exciting and rigorous experience. This exceptional festival allows students to sing with a 1200 member festival choir, with students from almost 300 different high schools. All four of the WSHS Choir students sang in the 1200 member choir, and 2 students, Lexi DeLano and Maddie Copeman, sang in the 100 student select chamber choir. The select choir is based on director nominations as well as recommendations based off of past experience singing in honor choirs and other state level ensembles.

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